Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why I Don't Live In Illinois

The Complementary Spouse's mother lives in O'Fallon, Illinois and her father is buried there. O'Fallon is a pleasant little town about 20 miles east of St. Louis. It is also the home of Scott Air Force Base. I like going out to visit and enjoy the solid, mid-western atmosphere of the town and its people.

I couldn't live there.

The guns laws of the State of Illinois and the impact on the politics of the state from Chicago would drive me nuts. Thanks to a story on the IllinoisCarry forum linked by Thirdpower at Days of our Trailers blog, I have another reason.
A good friend of mine received his AZ ccw application yesterday. He filled it out and then went to the Champaign police department this morning to get fingerprinted. He was denied because they said they will not do fingerprints for ccw apps from any state because IL is not a carry state. He informed them that he is aware that IL is not a carry state, that the AZ license is not honored here and that it is a felony to exercise the right to bear arms in IL.

He explained that he is wanting to get this AZ permit because it is honored in IN where he spends a great deal of time along with about 28 other states. They still would not print him.

He asked so you're telling me that there are gang bangers on W Bradly right now carrying handguns that are not old enough to possess a handgun by federal law, do not have a FOID or even know what a FOID is and they're committing crimes, killing people and raping women, meanwhile I a tax paying, law abiding citizen am standing here in the Champaign police department trying to do the right thing knowing full well that after I get these prints, fill out this application, pay $60 for app and $30 for the prints I still won't be able to carry in IL but am still being denied just getting a set of fingerprints done?

The answer was YES. We do not do fingerprints for ccw apps because IL is not a carry state. They also told him that no law agency in IL will do this for the same reason. He explained that that was false because he knows dozens of people who have out of state ccw permits that required fingerprints.

Finally it was admitted that this was a decision that was made a couple years ago specifically within the Champaign police department and it was made by "the people upstairs".

My friend is a bit frustrated as a citizen, as a tax payer and as a law abiding citizen who is just trying to do the right thing.
Another person on the IllinoisCarry forum followed up with the Champaign Police Department on their refusal to do fingerprinting for a person to obtain an out-of-state CCW permit. He spoke with a lady in their records department.
She acknowledged that CPD will not print for any CCW permits "because it's illegal in IL".

I pointed out that these were forms necessary for other states to conduct their business and why was it a problem for them to fill out print cards for other states.

"It's an ethical issue," she replied.

I asked who made that decision not to print "for ethical issues". She didn't have a name.
Ethical issue? I must live on another planet from the decision makers in this police department. I would consider it unethical to refuse to provide the fingerprinting services. Arrgh!


  1. I won't even set foot in a state that does not allow me to carry. I have a Texas CHL. From what I have read, it is one of the most expensive shall issue permits in the country and has some of the highest requirements. If the state will not trust me with a firearm, I don't trust them with receiving any of my money.

  2. When your primary interest is in protecting criminals, it is unethical to serve law-abiding citizens.