Friday, July 8, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Dave Hardy at Of Arms and the Law has an excellent analysis of Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson's interview with House Oversight Committee investigators and the timing of it. What makes Melson's actions even more remarkable is this:

I've never heard of an agency head defecting, as it were. Closest think I can think of is John Dean, counsel to the President, meeting secretly with investigators during Watergate, and maybe "deep throat," Mark Felt, who was Associate Director of the FBI, leaking to the press. And Watergate involved quite a bit less than running thousands of guns to the most violent criminals on earth with fatal results.

It is important to remember that both Watergate and Project Gunwalker involved the subversion of constitutional rights. The former involved the subversion of elections and the latter is an attempt to build support for the subversion of the Second Amendment. 

No one died because of Watergate. I wish we could say the same about Project Gunwalker.

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  1. Mike V. has speculated about a Ken Melson/John Dean parallel, even before Melson's July 4 interview with the congressional investigators.

    Pretty interesting.