Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NSSF #Gunvote Hits Back At Hickenlooper

The National Shooting Sports Foundation's #Gunvote campaign just released an ad nailing Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) for his lies and evasions. The ad doesn't pull its punches.

It's a good ad. I don't know whether this is just a YouTube video or one playing on Colorado TV stations. I hope it's the latter.

Gabby Does North Carolina

The title of this post is a play on that classic porn film Debby Does Dallas. Just like in the movie, someone is going to get screwed. In this case, it is the gun owners of North Carolina if Gabby (and the Space Cowboy) have their way.

Americans for Responsible Solutions (sic) has just dropped $330,168 into the US Senate race in North Carolina on behalf of Kay Hagan. The money is going towards Internet ads pushing Kay Hagan from an agency called Revolution Messaging. They bill themselves as a digital ad agency for progressive causes and their client list reads like a who's who of the left.

A couple of examples of their work are below.

The ads, which appear targeted towards either women or young voters, link to a site that captures your name and email along with your promise to vote early.

As to Kay Hagan being North Carolina through and through, give me a break. She may have been born in Shelby but she grew up in Lakeland, Florida where her dad was the mayor. Even when she first ran for office in 1998, she called upon her uncle for help. Her uncle was former US Senator and Florida Governor Lawton Chiles.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Billionaires Aren't The Only Ones Pumping Money Into Washington State

I did a post last month detailing all the money being pumped into Washington State in support of the gun control initiative I-594. At that time, five billionaires and one very rich woman from an "old Seattle family" had cumulatively put in almost 75% of the monies in support of the initiative. Since then, Michael Bloomberg, through his Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors, has pumped another $950,000 into the effort along with at least $350,000 from the coterie of billionaires.

It looks like Gabby Giffords and the Space Cowboy (aka Mark Kelly) have gotten involved as well. Through their Americans for Responsible Solutions (sic), they have donated $229,091 for in-kind direct mail services. It is the largest in-kind donation of the campaign. The majority of the other in-kind services is coming from the Win/Win Network (a coalition of unions and left-wing groups) and the True Patriot Network which is run by billionaire Nick Hanauer.

I have to give Washington State kudos for their Public Disclosure Commission reporting system. It is much more up-to-date on contributions that the Federal Election Commission system.

From the Federal Election Commission

Cornell University Says Kill The Townies

In the battle between town and gown, Cornell University is going after the townies and they want them killed.

You can relax a little. Cornell isn't trying to kill local Ithaca conservatives though it may have crossed the mind of some campus radicals. The Ithaca townies in this case are not the two legged variety but rather the four-legged cloven-hoofed variety with flashy white tails.

It seems that Cornell University is overrun with whitetail deer. You need to remember that Cornell is a weird hybrid in that it is both a liberal arts Ivy League school and a land-grant university with many test farms. It is this latter part of the campus that is the great attraction to the deer combining as it does food, shelter, and lack of predators.

According to a report by Professor William Jacobson at the Legal Insurrection, the university came up with a two-part plan to control the great numbers of deer attracted to its campus. In a move that would warm the cockles of Sandra Fluke's heart, on-campus deer are given free, permanent birth control. They got tubal ligations. Meanwhile, off-campus deer were subject to a controlled hunting program with emphasis on killing does.

The plan was an expensive failure as Professor Jacobson describes in this interview with Cam Edwards.

Biggest Failures Of His Tenure?

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder named as the biggest failure of his tenure - the lack of more gun control. Moreover, it "weighs heavily" on his mind.
“I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind,” Holder said during an interview aired on CNN.
I can think of things that should weigh heavier on his mind like 300 dead Mexican nationals and 2 Federal law enforcement officer. And as Katie Pavlich reports, Project Gunwalker AKs were still being found at Arizona crime scenes as late as 2013.

Holder goes on to say:
“And the thought that we could not translate that horror into reasonable — I mean, really reasonable gun safety measures that were supported by the vast majority of the American people is for me something that I take personally as a failure,” he said, “and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure, a glaring failure, that I hope will ultimately be rectified.”
While Holder may look upon this as a failure, those of us who believe that 20,000 existing gun control laws is more than enough (and less would be better) would look upon it as one of the few accomplishments of his reign at DOJ. If Holder really wants to look at failures, he should look at how his tenure at Justice has politicized that department far and above anything that could have been dreamed up by Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell.

Friday, October 17, 2014

When Jerry Gives Advice, I Listen

If you are of an age, you'll remember the old TV ads for stock brokerage E. F. Hutton. The tag line of the ads was that when E. F. Hutton spoke, people listened. I'm like that when Jerry Miculek offers advice.

In the video below, Jerry offers pointers on how to hold your AR-15 for consistent and accurate shooting. Given Jerry's success at 3-Gun which requires both speed and accuracy, it is a given that he knows of what he speaks.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sean Asks The Pertinent Questions

Sean Sorrentino of An NC Gun Blog attended Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler's press conference today held at the NC State Fairgrounds. Troxler used the press conference to defend his position that legal, permitted concealed carry holders would be barred from carrying at the fair.

Sean was not ready to let Troxler off the hook. He asked two very pertinent questions regarding personal safety.

First, he asked if Troxler hadn't just announced to every criminal that people going to and from the parking lots would be defenseless. Troxler passed that question off to the police chief of the fairgrounds.

Second, Sean then asked the chief if a person feels unsafe, will the police provide an escort. Here's the response he got.
There you have the Department of Agriculture’s Chief of Police, Joel Keith promising not only uniformed police patrols in the parking lots, but armed escorts for anyone who asks for one.

So there you have it. Chief Keith, backed up by the Wake County Sheriff, Donnie Harrison, will provide you an armed police escort back to your vehicle. After they’ve made it illegal to defend yourself, I think it’s the least they can do.
Thanks to Sean for asking the pertinent questions of the powers that be. Now if I were a fairgoer, I'd demand that police escort. They made a promise and they should stand by it no matter how inconvenient.

And Speaking Of Chris Cheng

Speaking of Chris Cheng, I got this release from his publisher yesterday. He's about to release a book entitled "Shoot to Win". The release is below and has links to his Facebook page where you can win swag!

I have requested a review copy of the book and will be posting a review after reading it.

Top Shot Winner, Chris Cheng, Releases “Shoot to Win” Book Enter to Win Cheng’s “Epic Giveaway” to Celebrate Book Launch San Francisco, CA. (October 14, 2014) – Chris Cheng, season four champion of History Channel’s Top Shot, and NRA NEWS Commentator, adds book author to his bio with the release of “Shoot to Win,” available now on Amazon, iTunes and TopShotChris.Com To celebrate, Cheng is hosting an “Epic Giveaway” on his Facebook page at http://Facebook.Com/TopShotChris with over $8,000 in “gun swag” from companies like Oakley, Vertx, Leupold, Glock and many more. New prizes will be given away daily.
 “I’m so excited to kick off my book launch with this epic giveaway for my fans,” said Cheng. “Shoot to Win is for everyone who wants to learn beginning marksmanship or improve their skills at the range with their friends. I offer the tactics – like stress management and breathing exercises - that led me to win Top Shot against all odds as the underdog. My success for thriving no matter what is placed in front of you is all spelled out in this book and I hope people can take away numerous tips to help them succeed at whatever they set their mind to.”
 Cheng has been promoting Shoot to Win at Bass Pro Shops stores around the country as well as holding interviews with radio personalities such as Dana Loesch and Cam Edwards. Last week, Cheng visited his previous employer, Google, to host “Authors @ Google.” That video is now available at: Chris Cheng: "Shoot to Win"Cheng also has developed shooting tips for beginner handguns via the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).  The tips will reach nearly 1.5 million email inboxes each month through NSSF’s Pull the Trigger e-newsletter and are available for download on iTunes via the NSSF Shooting Sportscast, a regularly updated HD video podcast. NSSF is launching the 20+ handgun video series today and plans to host rifle and shotgun series with Cheng in 2015.
Cheng won the title of “Top Shot,” a $100,000 cash prize, and a professional marksman contract with the show sponsor, Bass Pro Shops. How did a tech support guy who didn’t shoot a lot of guns beat out seventeen other competitors—including seasoned military veterans, law enforcement officers, and pro marksmen—in History Channel’s Top Shot season 4? Cheng covers his approach to staying calm under pressure, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. These traits contributed to his coming out on top and staying above the fray. Shoot to Win with Top Shot champion Chris Cheng provides fun and interesting insight into the Top Shot experience. Additionally, Cheng reveals very personal information about his life that never aired on the show, and he discusses how it was a key part of his Top Shot experience. With a foreword written by Top Shot season 3 champion Dustin Ellermann and an afterword written by the original Top Shot champion Iain Harrison, Shoot to Win is sure to please shooters of all stripes, but especially fans of History Channel’s program Top Shot. Learn more about Cheng at http://TopShotChris.Com and http://Facebook.Com/TopShotChris