Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grass Roots North Carolina Candidate Evaluations

Grass Roots North Carolina has released their candidate evaluations for their "Remember in November" project. The full list can be found here and includes national, statewide, congressional, and NC House and Senate races.

The GRNC Political Victory Fund endorsements will be released on October 15th.

The GRNC candidate evaluations for statewide offices and congressional races can be seen below. To make them more readable, I have taken the liberty of reformatting the GRNC report.

Candidate Party Survey Vote Other Evaluation

Statewide Races


Howe L 98


McCrory R 86


Dalton D NR 53 90 *

Lt Gov Forest R 96


Coleman D NR 67 65 *

US House

1st Holloman L 98


Butterfield D NR 50

Dilauro R NR


2nd Irving L 98


Ellmers R 87 100 100 ****

Wilkins D NR


3rd Jones R 100 97 98 ****

Anderson D NR


4th D'Annunzio R 100


Price D NR 0 28 0

5th Foxx R 100 100 98 ****

Motsinger D NR


6th Coble R 90 100 98 ****

Foriest D NR 80

7th Rouzer R NR 100 100 ****

McIntyre D NR 74 90 **

8th Hudson R 100


Kissell D NR 33 100 0

9th Pittenger R 91 100 95 ****

Campbell L NR


Roberts D NR


10th McHenry R 100 100 98 ****

Keever D NR 0

11th Meadows R 100


Rogers D NR


12th Brosch R NR


Watt D NR 19 46 0

13th Holding R 95


Malone D NR


From GRNC's explanation of how to read their evaluations:

GRNC's "Remember in November" project estimates candidates' views on "assault weapons," concealed handguns, gun storage laws, gun rationing, and the Second Amendment. THE EVALUATIONS HEREIN ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS. We issued surveys first to a control group of gun owners and then to candidates. Next, we measured how closely each candidate's views and voting record (if available) agree with the control group.  Pay more attention to voting records than survey results unless, of course, you believe politicians never lie.

"SURVEY": The percentages listed depict agreement between a given candidate and our control group (e.g. an "80" under the "Survey" section means 80% of the candidate's answers agreed with the Conservative Gun Owners). “NR” means the candidate failed to return the survey.

"VOTE": Votes are more accurate than surveys and should be given more attention in determining candidate stance. Where available, this column indicates how often candidates' votes agree with the control group of gun owners (e.g. a "90" under "Voting Record" indicates candidate's voting record agrees 90% of the time with what was desired by control group).

"OTHER": Derived from evaluations by other gun groups, bill sponsorship, etc.

"EVAL": The evaluation is not a rating. It estimates percentage of time candidate is expected to agree with the Conservative Gun Owners. The maximum **** candidate tends to agree with conservative gun owners at least 90% of the time.

**** Expected to agree with conservative gun owners on at least 90% of gun issues
*** Expected to agree with conservative gun owners on at least 80% of gun issues
** Expected to agree with conservative gun owners on at least 70% of gun issues
* Expected to agree with conservative gun owners on at least 60% of gun issues
0 Expected to agree with conservative gun owners on less than 60% of gun issues or else candidate failed to return survey & insufficient information exists to make evaluation. Is he / she hiding something?

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