Saturday, June 8, 2013

Humor To Start Your Weekend

We've all heard the debates about which pistol caliber is the one to have. Heck, we may have even participated in one or two along the way. Should we carry "God's own caliber", a Nine, or that that upstart .40 S&W? And what about a .357 Magnum?

But what caliber puts the most fear into criminals and other assorted thugs? The video below suggests one answer.

As for me, I have a pistol (or two) in each of those calibers and in some that aren't listed. I say carry what works for you.


  1. LOL, no .40s here... :-) Others? Oh HELL YES!

  2. As an IPSC shooter, I thought the .40 S&W was great.
    More rounds in any given hand-gun platform than .45ACP, and LOTS of hot gas to drive a compensator.
    Any increase in total recoil impulse energy never bothered me, so long as I could keep the muzzle on target.

    Eventually, I went to .38 Super, and then .38 Super Comp purely for the increase in magazine capacity.

    Of course, soon after that, the Oz .gov banned IPSC hand-guns in calibres larger than .38" and magazines with more than 10 rounds. Bastards! :(

  3. The knuckleheads in question are moderators at Indiana Gun Owners, This video was filmed in Brown County, Indiana.

    Shootin' Buddy