Friday, August 9, 2013

Remington Breaks Ground On Ammo Plant Expansion

As I reported a few months ago, Remington is planning to expand their ammunition manufacturing plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. Yesterday, they held their ground-breaking ceremony. It attracted the politicians as both Gov. Mike Beebe (D-AR) and US Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) spoke. I'm sure as Democrats in an increasingly red state they wanted to be perceived as pro-gun. Pryor, by the way, was one of the few Democrats to vote against Manchin-Toomey.

The plant expansion is a $32 million project and is expected to be operational somewhere around mid-year 2014.
Remington Plant Manager Jim Grahlmann declined to comment on the purpose of the new facility, for competitive purposes, he said. Grahlmann added that while he couldn't be specific, the new plant will add 50-100 "relatively high skill positions."

He added that some of those jobs may be offered to current employees of the plant, depending on their qualifications.

Grahlmann said the new addition to the plant will be 35,000 square feet and should be constructed by June 2014, though he is unsure of when it will officially open, due to the company having to move the equipment into the facility.
While the plant manager is being a little closed mouthed about the purpose of the new facility, the PR department of Remington was not so reticent.
The Remington expansion will help meet consumer demand for quality ammunition products at a time when many sportsmen and gun owners are struggling to find supply. Further, it will stimulate both the state and local economy.

"This groundbreaking ceremony marks a significant event for Remington and for the Lonoke community," said George Kollitides, Chief Executive Officer of Remington. "It demonstrates our commitment to state-of-the-art facilities; ensuring quality, increasing product availability and improving on-time delivery to our customers. The expansion also allows us the opportunity to provide job growth within a community that has supported us since we laid the first cornerstone here in 1969. We are honored and pleased to celebrate this expansion with such great partners."
I really did like one comment that Gov. Beebe made regarding supporting expansion versus only recruiting new businesses.
“As we strive to create new relationships with new partners, we must never forget the ones we already have,” said Gov. Mike Beebe in reference to helping an existing manufacturer. “It is so much easier to expand existing business than it is to create new ones.”
THV Channel 11 has more on the ground-breaking below. I do want to correct one mistake that anchor Craig O'Neill made. He stated that Remington was the only company to make both firearms and ammunition. That is incorrect. ATK which makes Federal Ammuniton would also fit in that category with its acquisition earlier this year of Savage Arms.


  1. This is Good News and Bad News. I'm glad Remington has decided to take advantage of the current Market for Ammo, and expand their capabilities. But the Bad News is the implication that there is NO "Ammunition Bubble" to collapse, such as is occurring with Firearms. If Remington is willing to spend $32 Million+ to expand, and they know that it will be at least a year before they start to recover their expenses, then that must mean that we are in a state of "New Normal" in regards to Ammo Usage.

    It's similar to the Post WW2 Housing Shortage. It took a few years to create enough Housing for all the NEW Homeowners, but eventually enough was created. I see the same thing happening with all the NEW Gun Owners out there. But Post WW2 Housing never came down to Pre-War Prices, it just eventually became Available. I'm hoping that doesn't occur with Ammo.

    And if those IDIOTS in the Current White House Regime would get their Heads out of their Lattes, they would realize that it was THEIR Policies that created this Situation, and rather than reduce the number of "CLINGERS", they have caused an INCREASE. But I suspect they're too self-absorbed with each other to take a look at the Real World.

  2. Armscor also makes firearms and ammunition. Armscor makes ammunition under the Armscor name. It makes firearms under the Armscor name in the Republic of the Philippines and under the names Rock Island Armory and Citadel in the U.S.

    Back when I was a Texican and would visit relatives in Illinois I'd take the back roads through Kentucky and often go by the Remington plant near Mayfield. Sadly, Remington still does a lot of manufacturing (and tax-paying) in Ilion, IL. When I buy a Remmy I would really rather none of my money go to prop up any progressive worker's paradise but I guess we can't have everything.

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  5. Currently in my understanding of ammunition plants they are interchangeable from one type of round to another within reason. As of now 22LR and 9MM are in most demand. Winchester is also working on expanding so they can help meet the current demand for 22LR. The problem comes when they can meet the current demand and people realize there is no shortage and quit buying. This will be around 2015 or so before things will trickle to that level. If these plants dont get built though the shortages will last for who knows how long which is unacceptable for the entry level and self defense/police markets. I just hope both Rem and Win can pay these expansions off before the high demand fades.