Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doing My Part To Stimulate The (Gun) Economy - 2013 Edition (Updated)

Herewith my annual listing of Black Friday or pre-Black Friday deals that are gun, knife, outdoor, tactical, or prep related. In the past I've posted this list later in the week but it seems that a number of retailers aren't waiting to Friday or even Thursday. I will be doing updates through the week as more of the deals are released.

I have included any coupon codes if needed. If you find others, please share them in the comments section.

If you know of other Black Friday sales, please share them in the comments section.

The Old Grouch Military Surplus

I'm giving my friend Tim the place of honor in this list. The Old Grouch's Military Surplus Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Starts NOW! Deep Discounts On Select Items & 10% off everything else!


Begins Monday, Nov. 25th at Midnight CST and last for eight days.


Begins on Thanksgiving at 12am CST and end at 11:59pm CST 12/2

Stag Arms

Sale is effective 12:01AM EST November 29, 2013 to 11:59PM EST Dec 1st, 2013. Most items are limited quantity. They will be selling a number of Stag Arms uppers including the 1H, 2H, and 3H. The doorbuster price on the 1H is $395.

Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical will be having a 20% off sale from 0001 on Saturday, Nov 30th thru 2359 Monday, Dec 2nd, for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Discount code is “stayhomeblackfriday”

Crosman Airguns

BLACK FRIDAY: Benjamin Marauder .25cal – $499.99; Benjamin Marauder .22cal – $479.99; Crosman M4177 (black or tan model) & MK-177 – $59.99

CYBER MONDAY: Benjamin Marauder .177cal – $479.99; MAR177 upper for standard AR lower – $500; Crosman M4177 (black or tan model) & MK-177 – $59.99; …plus 20% off all weekend.

 Bass Pro Shops

The in-store event starts at Bass Pro on Friday at 5am. Their 6-hour sale includes a brick of Winchester .22 LR for $25 and a Ruger 10/22 with LaserMax for $299. They also have a 5-day sale starting on Wednesday which includes a Remington VersaMax for $1,199 and a Ruger 10/22 for $229. 


Black Friday starts at 5am on Nov. 29th. Doorbusters include a Ruger 10/22 with LaserMax for $249, a Sig Sauer 1911-22 for $349, and a Remington 700 ADL with scope for $499. See the preview ad here.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Given their wimpy response post-Newtown, I would not shop there if they were given away bricks of .22 LR and Colt ARs for free. You are on your own for them.

10% off and free shipping. Use promo code "SAVE". Starts on 11/24 and ends on 12/1.

Tactical Distributors

20% off sitewide with promo code "BF20". Starts Wednesday, 11/27 and ends on Monday, 12/2.

OP Tactical

OP Tactical will be running a Black Friday Sale from 12pm EST on 27 NOV until Midnight on 29 NOV. Use promo code "TDAY2013".


Receive 25% off ALL products from SORD. Use promo code "BLKSVZ2012".

 10% off and free shipping. Use promo code "BLACKFRIDAY". Starts on 11/24 and ends on 12/1.

Tractor Supply Co.

On Friday only, they will be selling the Cannon wide body safe for $699. Also of interest to hunters would be their Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker, trail cams, and a tent blind.

Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is featuring rifle-mounted Contour cameras as well as other accessories at 40% off starting today through Monday, December 1st.

TNVC - Tactical Night Vision Company

The TNVC Christmas Sale is going on now through the end of the year. Use promo code "XMAS13" at checkout for substantial discounts on both night vision and lasers.

Gander Mountain

Friday-only specials include the Ruger LCP for $299, the Liberty Revolution 12 gun safe for $349, and the Bushmaster Carbon 15 for $799. Saturday-only deals include the Ruger LC9 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard for $549 and the S&W MP22 .22LR pistol for $379.

Academy Sports and Outdoor

Academy Sports has started early and is a running a pre-Black Friday sale that runs through Wednesday. Some of the items include the Remington VersaMax Sportsmans 12 gauge shotgun for $829, the Walther PPX 9mm for $399, and the Para-USA Expert .45 ACP 1911 for $579.

Sportsman's Warehouse

Their Black Friday sale starts at 6am. Among the items listed are Ruger SR1911s in both Government and Commander models for $599, the Garmin GPSMAP 62s for $199, and 1,000 rounds of Federal American Eagle 55-grain .223 ammo for $399.

Dunham Sports

Their Black Friday sale starts at 8pm on Thanksgiving and goes to 3pm on Friday. Among the items listed are a Bushmaster Optics Ready Carbine for $799, the Remington 770 for $279, and the Cannon Safari 36 gun safe for $549.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Their Black Friday sale starts at 5am and goes to 4pm on Friday. Among their doorbusters is the Howa Whitetail rifle in either .308 or .223 for $619.

LaRue Tactical

Now through Christmas, they are holding their PolymAR sale. This is to celebrate the finishing of their polymer production facility. They are offering 25% off all individual polymer items and 35% off combo items.



Black Friday sale starts on Tuesday and all Black Friday specials get an automatic 10% taken off when placed in the cart.

The Mako Group

Sale starts on Friday and continues through Cyber Monday. 30% off with promo code "BrightFriday". Items included are the Meprolight reflex sight and the steel E-Lander AR magazines.

Wilson Combat

The sales starts on Tuesday. Items include their excellent 1911 magazines, AR triggers, and holsters.

Sig Sauer

Black Friday sale will feature their Sig516 7.5" and 10" uppers. Other AR accessories are 20% off.

7.62 Design

Black Friday/Cyber Monday starts today (Tuesday). 30% off all products with promo code "PILGRIM13"


Thanksgiving evening sale goes from 8pm until 11:59pm EST. Up to 50% off on select products with promo code "thanks50".

Midwest Gun Works

The promotion starts on Thanksgiving and continues through Monday at midnight CST. Use promo code "BLKFRI" to get free mail shipping on orders under $100 and free UPS Ground on orders over $100.

CalGuns Foundation Store

To celebrate their grand reopening, they are offering free shipping on all orders over $20 and have many items on sale. Even better the proceeds go to support Second Amendment efforts in California.

Gun Digest Books

50% off all Gun Digest books now through Sunday, Dec. 1st.

LA Police Gear

Using promo code FRIDAY11 gets you an additional 11% off through 11/28/13.

UPDATE II: More and more sale notices are being sent out by stores and manufacturers. I'll try to keep up with as many as possible.


Their proshop is offering free shipping on anything ordered through them over the weekend. More importantly, they are offering class discounts.

Gunsite’s ‘Training’ Black Raven Weekend sale is $200 off any 2014 class. Simply fax your application to 928-636-1236 or mail it in with a postmark of November 29– Dec 1, to 2900 W. Gunsite Rd. Paulden, AZ. 86334 or email it to We will not be in the office on Black Raven Weekend, however we will honor all applications received those days.


This Cyber Monday, take advantage of amazing deals on Nosler Rifles! Both new and factory refurbished rifles will be available at prices that won't last. Contact Shawn Finley at or 800-285-3701 ext 1028 to reserve your rifle--but orders will not be accepted until Monday December 2nd, 2013 at 8:30am PST. Limited to on-hand rifles only.

Barrett Rifles

Cyber Monday sale includes their REC 7 5.56 upper and REC 7 mags in 6.8 SPC.

Wing Supply

Black Friday sale includes Mossy Oak Duck Blinds for $239, Drake Interceptor camo pants or shirts for $24.95, and a lot of other duck hunting gear. Sale goes until 12/4.

Bravo Company

Their Black Friday is Going Hot sale includes demo/scratched uppers for $74.95, Surefire 100 round mags for $139, and a lot of other stuff.


Their Pre-Black Friday sales include holsters from Blackhawk, fiber optic sights for the LC9/LC380, and magazines.

Red State Tactical

 Sale includes a number of Daniel Defense uppers, High Speed Gear mag pouches, and the Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS Sling.

Core Rifle Systems

Free shipping on all orders Friday through Sunday. Includes a number of 300 Blackout uppers and rifles plus Magpul MOE sets for $99. All orders are entered in a raffle to win a Core Rifle in 300 Blackout.

Galco Gunleather

Use promo code "BLACKFRI13" to get 20% off of everything, Thursday through Sunday.

London Bridge Trading

Running from 27 November and ending on 3 December.  70% off all universal camo items in stock. Also they are selling their coyote large wheeled loadout bags for $49. These normally sell for $520.

Vermont's Barre Army Navy

Free shipping on orders above $99 and 20% off of everything if you take their customer survey.

Brous Blades

All in-stock fixed blades are 30% off.

Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet

Save 40% on your whole order on Nov. 29 and 30. (Has great military surplus coming straight from DoD warehouses.)


Use promo code "BLACKCYBER" to get 15% off of soft goods. Excludes firearm accessories. Also buy 3 20-round SCAR 17s mags and get a free T-shirt 11/28 until 12/1.

LaRue Tactical Black Rifle Days

Free shipping on all orders over $200.

Many more tactically oriented Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals can be found at Soldier Systems compilation of deals found here.


  1. is going to have a blow-out sale on AR uppers. I got a complete 16" upper optics-ready upper, with bolt, carrier & charging handle, last year for $325. Prices this year are pretty close to that.

    I have shot this upper a TON-- in excess of 1,500 rounds-- and it is still clicking along.

    Watch for their website to change to Black Friday mode. Usually happens Thanksgiving.

  2. Sportsman's Warehouse: "100 rounds of Federal American Eagle 55-grain .223 ammo for $399."
    Please tell me that's a typo. $4/rd for .223 is not exactly a deal. Is it 1,000 rounds?

  3. Ditto what you said about Dick's. After their Newton reaction, I crossed them off my list of stores. I won't even go them for fishing gear, clothes, nothing. They picked the wrong side. Thing is, we have no alternative Big Sporting Goods store in town. Until Wednesday, when our Bass Pro finally opens!

  4. Thanks for the list! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

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