Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 SHOT Show - Two On Morakniv

I love Mora knives. I must have well over a dozen in various shapes, sizes, and blade steels. They range from an old Mora #1 with its carbon blade, to a few with the triflex laminated blades, to a Mora 2000 survival knife with a stainless blade. Morakniv makes great blades at a very reasonable cost.

What I don't have are any of the new Mora Bushcraft series with coated blades. These seemed to be a big hit with some at the the SHOT Show.

First up is this video from Dave Petzal of Field and Stream who is looking at the the Morakniv Bushcraft Black with the new molle sheath.

Next up are the folks from Going Gear who look at both the Morakniv Bushcraft that Petzal examined as well as one with a 6 inch blade along with some other gear from the new US distributor Industrial Revolution.

My favorite dealer for all things dealing with knives made in Scandinavia is Ragweed Forge. "Ragnar" has been carrying knives from Sweden like the Moras, from Finland like puukko knives, and the Helle knives from Norway for a long time. He knows their ins and outs as well as anyone on this side of the Atlantic. By the way, that Bushcraft Black without the molle sheath can be had for $39 from Ragweed Forge which is a lot less than the $80 that Dave Petzal quoted.

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