Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Quote Of The Day

As the march of the social justice warriors advances across colleges and universities across the nation today's quote of the day provides the explanation. It comes from the Letters to the Editor column of today's Wall Street Journal.

Remember when they started giving every kid a trophy? Those children are in college now.

Mike Simone
Gahanna, Ohio

An alternative explanation is that Obama's former campaign organization now called Organizing for America or OFA has been training every disgruntled group on a college campus in Alinskyite tactics. While this is probably the more realistic explanation, I prefer the "every kid gets a trophy" explanation myself.


  1. The two aren't mutually exclusive. We know OFA is doing this, and there's no reason to believe the ground isn't more fertile than usual because there are a lot more special snowflakes than in times past.

    1. Well, hopefully those snowflakes do what real ones do when heat is applied, and just melt away. They might even learn something in the process.

  2. I remember reading a study years ago about the people who became symphony musicians. I turned out that they were not any more talented than their peers, but that from the time they decided to become a professional symphony musician until the did become one they practiced on average 4 to 6 hours every day.
    Those who only practiced an hour or two a day, no matter how talented, did not become a professional symphony musician!