Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GSSF Celebrates 25 Years

The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. While I've never had the opportunity to attend one of their matches I hear that they are a lot of fun. In addition, GSSF is a CMP affiliated club which satisfies the club membership requirement when you go to buy a Garand or one of the 1911 pistols from the CMP.
GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Celebrates 25th Anniversary

SMYRNA, Ga. – Jan. 6, 2016 The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. GSSF was formed in 1991 and continues to exceed the goal of introducing new shooters to the shooting sports.

Since 1991, GSSF has seen more than 120,000 members, over 200,000 match entries, and more than 700 outdoor events. Planned for 2016 are 55 outdoor matches scheduled throughout the United States and another 500+ Indoor League matches available for members who wish to demonstrate their marksmanship, win prizes and enjoy family-oriented atmosphere that is safe as well as fun.

GSSF matches are low-pressure competitions using standard GLOCK pistols and there is no need for expensive match gear. Members compete with others according to their respective skill levels and GLOCK models. The courses of fire are simple yet challenging. There are 10 competitive divisions and also special awards for Juniors, Seniors, Super Seniors, Ladies and 3-Person Teams.

“Millions of dollars in prizes and GLOCK pistols have been awarded over the years,” said Alan Ramsey, Director of Training & GSSF. “We hope you will come out this year and shoot with GSSF as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Mr. Gaston GLOCK’s vision.”

To view the 2016 match schedules and for more information on GSSF, visit
Congratulations to GSSF on their 25th.


  1. I've shot one GSSF competition. I had so much fun I went back the next day with another GLOCK and shot again!

  2. I've been to a couple of matches over the years. Good folks, and GREAT supporters of shooting sports in general!

  3. GSSF is great fun! Just grab any Glock you have, or borrow one, and shoot.
    You don't even need a holster. 3 extra mags to shoot the plates makes it faster because you don't have to reload mags on the stage.
    It is BY FAR the cheapest way to shoot a competition.