Monday, March 14, 2016

Quote Of The Day

The quote of the day comes from conservative commentator and attorney Kurt Schlichter. His column at discusses the chaos of this election. Here he helps put things into perspective along with a warning to conservative candidates.
Let’s be clear, conservatives: During this race, Trump fans are our opponents. But always and forever, the leftist scumbags of Occupy, BLM, MoveOn and their leaders like Bill Ayers, are our enemies, and if it’s a choice between the two I’ll side with the team that at least doesn’t hate America every single time. No equivocation. No hesitation. No regrets.

This nonsense in Chicago was a preview; to the extent Rubio and Cruz hinted that somehow Trump himself was even partially responsible for an organized mass of leftist thugs shutting down his speech they were at a minimum wrong and possibly strategically confused in thinking they can ride the progressive tiger for a bit until it eats Trump. If the left wants to make it a rumble, then we need to say “Let’s go,” not “Use your words.” Never take sides against the Family with the anti-American left, Fredo. Never.


  1. Not sure I agree. Set aside BLM etc. and close your eyes and imagine a Trump rally as an open carry rally.

    An armed society is a polite society. A society yelling and screaming is not one conducive to an expansion of carry rights. Trump was against the second amendment before he was for it. Maybe he will be flexible on that issue again, if violence breaks out at one of his rallies. Trump is not responsible for the actions of his supporters, but he is responsible for the tone of his campaign. He can take steps to ensure that the bad actors stay away, but let's face it, he likes the publicity as much as the protesters.

    He thrives on negative energy, and ultimately that is not good for expansion of constitutional rights, particularly the 2nd amendment.

  2. Trump is to the Republican party as Hitler was to Haganah. Not "Family" in the least.