Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wasn't Brad Pitt Supposed To Be "Good" On Guns?

There is a myth going around that Brad Pitt is "good" on guns. He and Angelina Jolie own guns for self-protection.
Pitt tells British magazine Live, “I absolutely don’t believe you can put sanctions or shackles on what is made. Nor do I want to pretend the world is different than what we witnessed that night…

“America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong.
Given this, I was a bit surprised and disgusted when I received an email from the Brady Campaign announcing that Brad Pitt and some guy I've heard of were inviting me to the 2016 Brady Bear Awards Gala to be held in Los Angeles.

Dear (fill in the blank),

Co-Chairs Adam McKay and Brad Pitt invite you to join us in saying #ENOUGH to gun violence. If you are near Los Angeles, join us for the 2016 Los Angeles Brady Bear Awards Gala on May 4th. We will gather with supporters, advocates and celebrities for an inspiring evening honoring co-president of Plan B Productions, Dede Gardner, and philanthropist and technology entrepreneur David Bohnett. Limited tickets and tables are available for purchase today.

If you can’t be with us in person, join all of us in saying #ENOUGH with your special donation or by placing a tribute ad honoring an advocate, community leader, or victim of gun violence in our digital journal that will be displayed at the event.
Ticket prices for this gala start at $500.

Brad Pitt - just another Hollywood hypocrite on guns.


  1. I found it strange, too. Maybe it's a different Brad Pitt?

  2. I don't watch TV and I don't give a rip about what Hollywood does (like the Oscars). But I did dig up that he also wore a Brady bracelet at the Oscars. Didn't he get some custom 1911s for himself? Another hypocrite, anyone surprised?

    Hanoi Jane is to be at the 'gala' too.

  3. Meh. We've got to stop giving a shit what opinion the dancing monkeys have with regards to our Constitutional Rights. Good or bad things. They are not legal scholars, nor experts, nor judges.

  4. Indeed Jason; why should I listen to someone who spends their lives' reciting other people's words?

    And along with that, to other artists, you're being paid to sing, not talk!

  5. Little Brad's never been more than a 2nd rate actor anyway. If he's in a movie I pretty much pass on seeing it.

  6. In the words of the song: "OK, so you're Brad Pitt. That don't impress me much..."

    Different context, same sentiment

  7. We do, however, have to recognize that many people do care, and work against that. It is useful to know who our friends really are.

  8. Damn disappointing to hear. Time to add him to the "Screw You" list.

  9. Thanks for the post, guns can never secure anyone's life for sure but it simply the human brain that makes him feel better while having guns. But they must be used only to safeguard oneself not to harm others as in America the cases of massacres and killings has risen to an alarming limits.
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  10. At the same time, how much actual attention has he paid to their position beyond 'gun violence bad'? This seems like it might be more of a 'let's try to educate him' as opposed to a 'shun the non-believer...shun...shunnn' situation.