Friday, September 23, 2016

Livestream Of 2016 Gun Rights Policy Conference

The Polite Society Podcast will once again be Livestreaming the content of the Gun Rights Policy Conference. Not only will each session be featured but there will be interviews with many of the speakers. The conference begins tomorrow in Tampa at 8:30am. Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) will be giving a welcome around 9am according to the preliminary agenda.

We will be using YouTube for the streaming video of the event. The links for Day 1 and Day 2 are below. Paul Lathrop, Rob Morse, Rachel Malone, Gary Daugherty, and myself will be handling the hosting duties.

Sponsors of the livestream include the Firearms Policy Coalition,, LFD Research, and Geeks Gadgets and Guns.

I will be again presenting at the Gun Rights Policy Conference on using new media to advance gun rights. That session begins at 10:20am on Sunday. I've written my presentation and will be practicing and editing it a few more times before Sunday.

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  1. From the Second Amendment Foundation, GRPC2016 Schedule/Agenda:

    Thanks to you, John, the Polite Society Podcast and SAF for covering and streaming this. Again.