Monday, December 5, 2016

An Interesting Latin American Mauser

From the late 1800s until well into the 20th century, the bolt action Mauser was the rifle of choice of many of Latin America's armies. Countries like Columbia, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico among others went with the 7x57 Mauser while the Argentines adopted the Mauser in their own distinctive 7.65x53 caliber. Indeed, my own collection includes a Columbian Mauser made by Steyr and a Brazilian Mauser made by DWM Berlin. Both of these are in 7x57. I just need to add an 1891 Argentine Engineer Mauser and I'll have covered the Southern Cone.

In the video below Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons talks about a single shot Mauser that was adopted by Uruguay. It is referred to as the Doviitis and is a conversion of the blackpower 1871 Mauser to a smokeless 6.5 caliber.

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