Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Put This On Your Tuesday To-Do List

The Omnibus Gun Bill, HB 746, which contains a constitutional carry provision has been referred to the North Carolina Senate's Rules Committee. This is the final step before coming up for a floor vote.

It is important that this bill come to the floor before the session comes to a close in the next few days. While the bill was supposed to be on today's Rules Committee calendar, it doesn't look like it made it. We need to keep pushing the Republicans on the committee to do the right thing and get that bill out of committee.

Grass Roots North Carolina is asking that people both call and email Republican members of the committee. Their alert is below:


Contact Senators on Rules Committee
It appears as though the NC Senate Rules Committee will be considering HB 746 on Tuesday. It is important that Republican members of the committee hear from gun owners, in order to remind the Senators of the proper course of action.

Below, see how you can easily contact these key senators to encourage them to move HB746 out of committee, and to the Senate floor for a vote. They need to hear from you as soon as possible. Please send them the email provided, and make the phone calls to those noted below. If necessary, leave a voice-mail message.


  • PHONE REPUBLICAN SENATE RULES COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Use the phone numbers provided below. Tell them:
    I'm calling to encourage  you, as a member of the Senate Rules Committee, to vote for  the gun bill, HB746, thereby sending it to the Senate floor for a vote. Ultimately, gun rights voters are only asking that you live up to the Republican State Platform, which states: 'We support constitutional carry statutes and salute the states that have passed them.' Please support this bill. Vote 'yes' on the bill in committee and 'yes' on the floor of the Senate. Thank you.

  • EMAIL THE SENATE RULES COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Use the copy/paste text and the copy/paste email list(s) provided below.
Republican Sen. Rules Committee phone numbers:

Sen. Bill Rabon: (919) 733-5963
Sen. Chad Barefoot: (919) 715-3036
Sen. Andrew C. Brock: (919) 715-0690
Sen. Warren Daniel: (919) 715-7823
Sen. Kathy Harrington: (919) 733-5734
Sen. Ralph Hise: (919) 733-3460
Sen. Brent Jackson: (919) 733-5705
Sen. Michael V. Lee:  (919) 715-2525
Sen. Wesley Meredith:  (919) 733-5776
Sen. Louis Pate: (919) 733-5621
Sen. Shirley B. Randleman: (919) 733-5743 
Sen. Jerry W. Tillman: (919) 733-5870
Sen. Tommy Tucker: (919) 733-7659
Sen. Trudy Wade: (919) 733-5856

Republican Senate Rules Committee copy/paste email list:

Bill.Rabon@ncleg.net; Chad.Barefoot@ncleg.net; Andrew.Brock@ncleg.net; Warren.Daniel@ncleg.net; Kathy.Harrington@ncleg.net; Ralph.Hise@ncleg.net; Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net; Michael.Lee@ncleg.net; Wesley.Meredith@ncleg.net; Louis.Pate@ncleg.net; Shirley.Randleman@ncleg.net; Jerry.Tillman@ncleg.net; Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net; Trudy.Wade@ncleg.net


Suggested Subject: "Vote for HB746 in Committee and on Senate Floor"  

Dear Senator,

I understand that the Senate Rules Committee is considering the gun bill, HB746, on Tuesday, and I am writing to strongly encourage you to support this bill. 

In accordance with the NC Republican Party's platform, which states: "
We support constitutional carry statutes and salute the states that have passed them," vote 'yes' on HB746 in committee, and vote 'yes' once it reaches the Senate floor. 

I will be monitoring your actions on this important issue through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.


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