Friday, October 6, 2017

He Had Me At Mil-Spec Butter Knife

This is something to share with all your gun-hating friends who know nothing about firearms. Tell them they need to share far and wide to show the world just how easy it is to make any firearm full auto. In this case, the guy shows how to make a Sig run at 2,000 rounds a minute and an AR run at 70,000 rounds a minute.

Of course this is a satirical video but do Shannon Watts and her coterie of "I support the Second Amendment but..." friends know this? Probably not which makes it even more imperative that we encourage them to share it. As that great Southern philosopher Forrest Gump once said, "Stupid is as stupid does."


  1. I suppose I may as well come clean since this guy made it public domain knowledge.

    I built my own ghost gun rifle and I left out the fully auto bolt from the start. Saved about 80 bucks. I also put in the "rain down fire" option and it didn't cost any more than the plain auto stock.

    The rate of fire is so fast you literally can't hear it as firing rounds. It doesn't even make noise it's so fast.

  2. But, what if you don't have a local ATF or FBI office? Who do you call then?

  3. As people will purchase items out of fear, or to keep them out of others hands, I'm beginning to wonder if videos like this should be banned from the public?
    After a quick search on Armslist and Gunbroker there isn't a single milspec butter knife to be found.

  4. FAKE NEWS. Anyone who knows anything about guns knows that the video shows him using a mil-spec DINNER knife, NOT a butter knife. Other than that, he did well.