Saturday, January 20, 2018

"The Enemy Within" Is Not Adam Kraut

In a recent commentary published at, former NRA President Marion Hammer released her list of endorsements. Missing from that list were people like Julie Golob, Tim Knight, and, her obvious target, Adam Kraut. She alleged that those who were nominated by petition, that is the real grassroots, were somehow tainted or less worthy than those nominated by the exalted Nominating Committee.
However, some of the candidates on this year’s ballot were not nominated by the Nominating Committee, but rather they placed themselves on the ballot by collecting petition signatures. Petition signers had no way of knowing the real motives or qualifications of these petitioners.
As someone who signed the petitions of both Adam Kraut and Tim Knight and as someone who actually got off my ass and gathered signatures for Adam Kraut, I take great offense at her comment. I have met both Tim and Adam, I knew their qualifications, and I support them. I am most definitely a fan of Adam's proposed bylaw changes regarding board attendance and the Nominating Committee.

Ms. Hammer also cast aspersions on those in 1997 who stood up and demanded accountability from hired staff of the NRA. Jeff Knox whom I greatly respect has a very good rebuttal to that rewriting of history.

Adam Kraut, who was the primary target of Ms. Hammer's screed, has made a video rebuttal that is worth your time watching.

I have made my feelings known in the past about the celebrities and old hacks on the Board of Directors of the NRA. The world has changed and so has the gun culture. Frankly, most of the Board wouldn't recognize Gun Culture v2.0 if it bit them on the ass. That is a recipe for disaster and it is one that people like Adam are challenging. He has my support. I'm unsure whether I'll "bullet vote" Adam or add a couple of more people to my list. You can be damn sure I'm not voting for anyone of Marion Hammer's list. While some are good, there are a lot of old hacks and celebs on it.


  1. Bullet voting is the way to go, though I usually split between two or three.

    Not all the celebs are a waste, Kim Rhode has been a vocal gun rights activist in California, but she likely doesn't need any help.

    1. When I think of celebs, I don't think of Kim Rhode. She is first and foremost a shooter. She is not an actor, politician, or sports star in a non-shooting related sport.

  2. Concur with all... It's time for Hammer et al to go away!

  3. I just discovered this blog and it's great. Seriously concise and intelligent information. I've kind of been a hypocrite though of the NRA. I've basically ignored them all the while being glad they are out there. The only public face I'm aware of and find responsive in a positive way is Dana Loesch. I live in California temporarily and it's insane. I've lived all over the world- sometimes in places that weren't my choice. I've seen the horrors of gun control and I'm not using horror as a hyperbole. I've seen severe gun control ownership with the exception of the thugs who have access to everything and they exercised their abilities (Out sides of the States). I've also lived in 2A friendly states and everything was a bit calmer. The NRA is necessary but I still didn't want to join. Then I read about Kraut and started thinking about what he has had to say. A modern NRA could be more effective in battling the Bloomburgs, et al. What do you all know about him and his postions (besides his campaign page)? I'm willing to join the NRA now if I believe they will have a better and more productive way of battling negative press regarding 2A issues and making DC pay more than mere lip service to what matters to "Us".