Monday, April 30, 2018

Marijuana And Guns

Trainer John Farnam posted another of his Farnam's Quips this morning and it contains a very valid warning for anyone using marijuana whether medicinally or recreationally. Don't lie on your Form 4473 and say you aren't a marijuana user if you do pot.

From Farnam's Quips:
US Attorneys are currently prosecuting five men in ME for falsely claiming on Federal Form 4473 that they were not users of marijuana. Form 4473 must be filled-out for every retail gun purchase.

Marijuana use, medical or “recreational,” is a violation of federal law, even though some states, like ME, have “legalized” it, at least within state boundaries.

How a state can “overrule” federal law has yet to be explained to me in a way that makes any kind of sense. I am confused with regard to what the term “law” even means any more!

However, current implications for potential gun-owners are far easier to understand!

When you use marijuana, in any state and for any reason, forget about owning guns!

For sure, don’t attempt to purchase guns!

BATF doesn’t care what state you live in!

And since after exposure, traces of marijuana remain in your system essentially forever, any use of marijuana at any time in your life probably represents a “deal-buster” with regard to gun ownership!

The five men mentioned above are in for the “hassle of their lives.” Whatever the outcome, this “adventure” will be impoverishing, morbidly frightening, and essentially never-ending!

Another administration might look at this issue differently, but the current one is putting out the clear signal that they are coming after marijuana-users who attempt to buy guns- big time!

Don’t be “that guy!”
It needs to be said that in this case Federal law trumps (no pun intended) state law on marijuana use. It sucks especially if you have found relief using marijuana for medical issues. However, until such time as marijuana is legalized under Federal law, the use of marijuana will impact your gun rights and could end up with you becoming a felon.


  1. I can think of a whole lot of people I would rather that Sessions spend his time prosecuting.

  2. It will be interesting when somebody gets rejected and sues...

    1. As a GA resident who is contemplating getting is MM card, I realize that I will have no case if I am rejected to buy a firearm and sue the federal government.

      I don't like it, but there it is!

  3. I am a chronic pain patient. I am on social security disability for it. I got my Medical Marijuana card to try and see if it would bring me any relief, which it did not. Since then, I have never touched the stuff. I do have the card still, but I am not a user of the naturally growing herb. Yet the feds would classify me the same as a crackhead who lays in a stupor all day long, or a heroin addict, who steals to support her habit. So I have no respect for the federal government or the way they selectively enforce the law. I now cannot even get opioids to help with my pain, because of the junkies who abuse the prescription drugs, and make it so everyone is guilty. Kind of like gun owners, and us being screwed because some idiots decide to shoot up a school or a workplace.

    America, land of the free? Okay.