Thursday, October 4, 2018

National Vodka Day? Nyet!

October 4th in National Vodka Day. I'm old enough to remember when vodka came in one flavor. Now you can get flavors ranging from birthday cake and bubble gum to virtually any flavor of citrus you could come up with.

I'm not a vodka aficionado. It serves its purpose in some cocktails like a Bloody Mary but that is about it. I'm more of the opinion of author Fred Minnick as expressed in his tweet today.

Moreover, as Liberty Pole Spirits makes clear in this tweet, there never was a Vodka Rebellion. I think the primary purpose of vodka was to keep the serfs from rising up and even that failed.

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  1. Vodkas one flavor was no flavor. If you add flavor you have Gin. Gin is good but bourbon is better.