Thursday, September 12, 2019

A Roundup Of Recent Posts From The New Site

It is kind of hard to consistently do duplicate posts and I've been a little slack about it.

Here are my most recent posts from the new blog website.

Thanks for the PR, Marion!

Examines Marion Hammer's latest published at the Washington Times. She violates that rule of PR that says sometimes saying nothing is the best policy.

9-11 Plus 18

It is hard to believe it has been 18 years since a group of Islamofascists hijacked four planes and used them as guided missiles.

Dear Larry R. Merlo

An open letter to the CEO of CVS pharmacies on their decision to request shoppers not carry in their stores, open or concealed, because they want to create a "safe environment."

Another Illegal Mayor

What is with the mayors belonging to Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors. They just can't stay out of trouble. The latest is the mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts who is under Federal indictment for extortion.

Victimhood Does Not Convey Policy Expertise

CBS Sunday Morning ran a commentary from Odessa resident Shauna Saxton. It has now since disappeared from both YouTube and the CBS News website. She was calling for compromise on gun control. You know what that means - we give up even more of our rights.

Perceptive Comment on Walmart Ammo Decision

Pete Brownell had a very apt comment on the decision by Walmart to stop selling handgun and "short barrel rifle" ammo.

Tweet of the Day

Justin Maloney had a great tweet about gun buybacks.

Only in San Francisco

My take on the SF Board of Supervisors' resolution calling the NRA a "domestic terrorist organization". The sponsor of the bill is a leader of the Demanding Mommies. Go figure.

Might I Make A Suggestion

Given that Walmart has decided to stop selling handgun ammo, I suggest  you use my affiliate links to purchase your handgun ammo from They have the good stuff and I make a little money.

That about wraps it up. If you landed here and are reading this post from another site's blogroll, let me know. I'll send them an updated link to the new website. That is I think you'll like the new look.

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