Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cross-draw Yaqui Holster

In my day job, I drive a lot. Finding a way to carry concealed that is reasonably comfortable is hard. For me, I have found that a cross-draw carry allows both comfort and accessibility while seated in the car.

Months ago I approached custom leather maker Andy Langlois to see if I could get one of his Yaqui holsters in a cross-draw model. I wanted it for my Browning Hi-Power. He said he didn't make a cross-draw model but would experiment to see if he could make it work. Obviously, as can be seen by the pictures, Andy did make it work.

The cross-draw Yaqui holster is made of heavy oil finished, vegetable-tanned leather. The cant is neutral to maybe 5%. Andy designed it to be easily removable by using a brass stud button. Since many of the locations I visit on work purposes forbid any firearm, it is a simple matter to remove the holstered pistol and store it in my car safe. One other great feature of this Yaqui holster is that it works with multiple pistols. I can use it with my Hi-Power or I can use it with any single-stack 1911 pistol like my Officer-sized Para CCO.

Andy Langlois is known for more than just his Yaqui holsters. His rifle slings are things of beauty. He is well-known for making a Ching Sling to use on Jeff Cooper-inspired scout rifles. I have one that I will be using on my Ruger Frontier. You can see pictures of his slings on his website here.

When I first started corresponding with Andy, I didn't realize he was a cop. Given that he is in Vermont and doing leather work,  I figured he might be an art history major who somehow saw the light on guns. Andy found that quite amusing as he is, in his words, "the typical alpha male cop, high and tight, 2 1911s and so un-art-history!"

If you want to contact Andy for a holster, belt, sling, or other custom leather work:

Andy Langlois
PO Box 141
Windsor, Vermont 05089
(603) 630-4072 (mobile)

His websites:

And, by the way, he is currently having a sale on some of his products!

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