Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Next Director of BATFE?

Is Andy Traver slated to be the next Director of the BATFE?

That is what Mike Vanderboegh speculates on his blog today.

He sums it up by saying:

So let's sum up: Traver has been an ATF agent for 23 years, starting out as an entry-level jack-booted thug ("an original member of the Entry Control Team, forerunner of the Special Response Teams"). Since then, he has risen through the agency hierarchy, all the while making friends of notorious Illinois anti-firearm rights politicians of both parties. He has had personal friendly contact with Barack Obama and Hizzonor, the King of Chicago Richard Daley. He has worked with the virulently anti-firearm Joyce Foundation and the IACP, putting his efforts and his name to a report which calls for more firearm bans and regulations that amount to the gutting of the Second Amendment.

Traver is, then, an extremely politically well-connected, anti-firearm, pro-citizen-disarmament zealot. He may be a nice guy, but he is an enemy of the Founders' Republic and the Constitution they wrote.

And if he checks out to be "confirmable," he will be the next jefe supremo of the federal gun cops. No wonder Mayor Daley has been wearing that "I've-got-a-secret" shit-eating grin since the McDonald decision. Screw the Supreme Court. The Chicago gang is fixing to take over THE Gang.

H/T The War On Guns

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