Thursday, September 16, 2010

9 Classic Firearms Myths

Rsktkr at the ITSTactical blog has an excellent article debunking nine classic firearms myths and whoppers.

The 9 Classic Myths

  1. Caliber Matters
  2. Firearms Experts
  3. Dryfiring Damages Weapons
  4. "I'm a Great Shot"
  5. "A (insert gun here) isn't very accurate"
  6. "I know how to shoot I'm a Police officer, Marine...(Fill in the Blank)" 
  7. "Kneeling/Modern Isosceles/Monica/(insert technique here) isn't comfortable"
  8. "I can't shoot a (insert gun here) because of the grip angle"
  9. "Guns need to be cleaned every time they are fired"
Read his responses to these myths here. Some of them are quite funny and really quite true.

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