Friday, September 24, 2010

Light Blogging For the Next Week

We are up and getting ready for our flight to San Francisco for the Gun Rights Policy Conference. I must be excited because I've been awake since about 5am. I hope to have stuff up as the conference progresses.

A lot of the gun rights biggies will be there - though not the NRA this year - including Alan Gura. It should be very interesting. There is even speculation that there will be Zombies or is it anarchists protesting! I promise pictures if there are protesters.

It will probably be light blogging after that as we are taking a few days to drive along the California coast after the conference.

I do have one observation - have you ever noticed that the most luxurious and expensive hotels will nickle and dime you to death but the Day's Inns and Holiday Inn Expresses give you a free breakfast and free WiFi? The Hyatt-Regency San Francisco Airport actually charges guests to park there. WTF?

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