Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dick Cheney On Magazine Restrictions

Jamie Gangel asks Cheney about gun control after Tucson starting about the 2:45 mark.

Dick Cheney thinks it may be "appropriate" to reestablish size limits on magazines. He backs off a bit when he mentions the Second Amendment saying you have to be careful due to the Supreme Court rulings.

I'm sure this will be portrayed as a "common sense" measure.

Common sense is not shooting someone in the face! He violated Rule 2 and Rule 4 when he shot his friend in the face. Obeying those rules is common sense. Banning or limiting magazine size is not.

I think Alan at Snarky Bytes hits the nail on the head with his comments on Cheney.


  1. Others have remarked....

    "90 HP is common-sensible for auto engines."

    "60 watts is all you need in a lightbulb."

    "12 ounces is more beer than you need in 1 bottle."

    "One house is enough for any family. More than 3 bedrooms, or 1 bath, is just not sensible."

    I think Dick Cheney's heart problems have affected his thinking. Maybe he forgets, but the Constitution does NOT establish a "Mommy, May I?" governmental system.

  2. Governments, when implementing what legislators consider “common sense” to pass “reasonable restrictions” on the populace, tend to always manage to saddle We The People with onerous regulations that actually place restrictions upon folks who, at least up until the regulations go into effect, are law abiding people.

    I recently tried, unsuccessfully, to prod a (to use his proud boast) “member of the NRA” who “owns about 20 firearms” and states that he believes gun control laws should be more restrictive in order to prevent crimes like the Arizona murders, into admitting whether or not he would surrender his guns if a time arises when either the congress or the DOJ makes a “reasonable decision” that he is a member of a group that should not be allowed to possess firearms.

    I see that some of our old foes are again dancing in the blood of innocent victims and busily working to rush DC into knee jerk reaction legislation.


  3. The politicians don't care because they have armed guards with them with high cap mags, look at old Chucky in NY, he has 2 guards with him all the time with submachine guns.