Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interesting Sights On This Steyr M40 A1

Tactical Gear magazine tries out the Steyr M40 A1 at the SHOT Show. They love the sights.

Steyr's US website describes these sights as:
The unique trapezoid sight offers a new dimension in rapid target acquisition. The sight's shape guides the eye onto the target, and thus the target is captured exactly and quickly.
Has anyone had a chance to try this pistol or the 9mm version out yet? If so, I'd love to hear your comments on it.


  1. I have an M9A1 and I love it.
    This is not a new pistol design; Steyr just recently began importing them again. They had to stop imports for a while due to weak Dollar vs. strong Euro issues.

    I think the sights are superb.
    I can get an accurate sight picture more quickly with this setup than I can with my G30.
    IMO, it's much easier and more natural than traditional '3 dot' sights.
    Also, it's easier to tell if you have it lined up slightly right or left with this style.

    Wish there were tritium replacements, but haven't found any yet.

    Only gripe I have about it is that the trigger reset point is about 1/16" forward from where I'm used to it on my Glock. Not a big issue but it feels a bit strange.

    Internals are logical and strong. Gun is easier to field strip too.

    Hope that insight helps.

  2. Thanks for the review of the M9A1. I'm going to have to start looking for a dealer to see one in the flesh.