Friday, October 7, 2011

Ten Arizona Sheriffs Say Enough Is Enough

Sheriffs from six  ten Arizona counties held a press conference outside the Arizona State Capitol today. They said it was time for an independent investigation into Operation Fast and Furious.

The sheriffs represent Pinal, Cochise, LaPaz, Mohave, Greenlee, and Yavapai counties and are both Democrats and Republicans. They all agreed that it was not a partisan issue for them but rather a feeling of betrayal by the Federal government. According to the report by ABC 15 reporter Lori Jean Gliha,  all the sheriffs were united in their call for an independent investigation.
"It's embarrassing to this country and me," said LaPaz County Sheriff Don Lowery. "I've spent fifty years in uniform, and it's embarrassing for me to stand before you and apologize for people that we elect."

Lowery, a Democrat, said when it comes to this case, he is not a politician and believes people should be held accountable for the case, no matter what their party affiliation is.

"If this guy (Holder) done something wrong," Lowery said, "He needs to be terminated, if he did. It needs to be investigated first."
 UPDATE: According to other news reports it was not just six Arizona sheriffs who called for an independent investigation but ten.

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