Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

As we approach 2017, we, in the gun culture, have good reason to be optimistic. While we lost some referenda in the West, we now have a President, Senate, and House that should be able to work together to enact legislation such as the Hearing Protection Act and national reciprocity. More importantly, soon to be President Trump will not only get to appoint one or more justices to the Supreme Court but also 100 or more Federal judges at the District and Circuit levels. We may finally get to a point where the lower courts can no longer pay lip service to the Heller and McDonald decisions.

So, as we close 2016, I want to leave you with this rendition of Auld Lang Syne by my good friend Charlie Cook. His musical interpretations of various songs and themes are wonderfully unique.

Happy New Year!

Knife Law Reform In New York Must Wait Another Year

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) ignored the overwhelming support in both houses of the New York Assembly for reform of New York's gravity knife law and vetoed the bill today. The bill had the support of groups such as the NAACP and the ACLU who normally would not support a pro-2A bill. In this case, they saw the harm that the existing law caused for the average New Yorker.

I guess I could make a joke about Cuomo getting confused on what he was supposed to do after indulging in one too many of girlfriend Sandra Lee's cocktails but what he did was give the average New Yorker the finger.

Knife Rights has the full story below.

Cuomo Sides with NYC Pols - Gives Finger to the People 

Waiting until the last possible moment, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has vetoed Knife Rights' Gravity Knife and Switchblade Reform Bill, effectively giving the finger to New York's legislature that overwhelmingly passed the bill and the large coalition of organizations, many part of his own constituency, which supported the bill. Despite the thousands who called and emailed the Governor to sign the bill, and thanks very much for those who did so, he sided with the disingenuous arguments made by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., virtually the only ones who opposed the bill. In vetoing this bill he has potentially doomed thousands more to arrest and prosecution for carrying common pocket knives that won't get someone arrested virtually anywhere except in New York City.

Despite Cuomo's avowed commitment to criminal justice reform in New York, this veto clearly shows the lie to that claim.
Next year's session of the New York Legislature is almost upon us and we'll be back again working to fix the state's Gravity Knife law to prevent these arrests and prosecutions. This bill passed with such large majorities in both houses of the legislature that an override of a veto is theoretically possible.

Meanwhile, our five-year-old Federal civil rights lawsuit over the constitutionality of New York City's "wrist flick" test awaits a decision which could settle the issue for certain.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Brian Anse Patrick, RIP (Updated)

Professor Brian Anse Patrick passed away on Tuesday from cancer at the all too young age of 62. He was a Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Toledo, author, CHL instructor, and gun rights advocate. He held a PhD in Communications Research from the University of Michigan. He was a speaker at a number of Gun Rights Policy Conferences and at the National Firearms Law Seminar.

Among his better known works were The National Rifle Association and the Media: The Motivating Force of Negative Coverage, The Ten Commandments of Propaganda, and Rise of the Anti-Media: In-Forming America's Concealed Weapon Carry Movement. This last book examined how the gun culture used its own media systems (or anti-media) to push shall-issue concealed carry outside of the view of the established media and the gun control organizations.

Dave Hardy, calling him a brilliant mind and a good man, noted that his work on the NRA and the media created objective measures showing that the more negative publicity the NRA received, the greater the growth in membership.

I cannot find any "official obituaries but this one from John Morgan announcing Dr. Patrick's death on Facebook sums it up well.
It brings me great sadness to report that Brian Anse Patrick, pictured here with a great elk that he took down in Montana in 2010 (his favorite activity of all), known to many as the author of numerous books published by Arktos and elsewhere, as a Professor of Communication at the University of Toledo, as a championship target shooter and advocate for gun rights, as a CCW permit instructor, as well as through his many lectures and interviews on the subjects of propaganda and the American gun rights movement, passed away after suffering from cancer on the night of December 26/27 at the all too premature age of 62. As generous a soul as there has ever been, many of us who knew him can attest that our lives were made better through our friendship with him. Brian helped me through many rough patches of my own life over the course of nearly 20 years with his sage counsel and indefatigable drive to help his friends, as well as with his astute wit, which was matched only by the sharpness of his marksman's eye. He was also the one who first taught this city boy how to shoot and appreciate the outdoors at his estate in northern Michigan, a true refuge from the ravages of the modern world where we would be regaled with tales of his wild youth and philosophically plumb the depths of life, the universe, and everything while quaffing the finest spirits. One who never suffered fools or those who were slaves to the bureaucratic mentality gladly, but who always nourished intelligence and talent, he was certainly the most fiercely independent individual I have ever known in both mind and action, and a man who benefited from a lifetime of wide reading and love of good books, and one who loved animals of all kinds. I also never knew anyone else who could throw together a meal in half an hour from whatever was lying around his kitchen and have it taste like the best thing you'd ever eaten on every single occasion - and never be the same twice. His story, rising from a ne'er-do-well problem child with a GED to become a tenured professor, should be an inspiration to those who see academia as closed to the unconventional. He was representative of an archetypal type of primordial American who is becoming all too rare in America today. He was free in the most genuine sense of the word. His wise words will continue to echo in my mind for the rest of my life. Brian, wherever you are now, you won't be forgotten.

UPDATE:  The provost at the University of Toledo released this message regarding Dr. Patrick's death.

Dear UT Colleagues,

It is with great sadness I share with you that we have lost a trusted faculty and member of our University of Toledo family. Brian Anse Patrick, PhD, professor of communication, lost his battle with cancer on December 26, 2016. 

Brian began his career at UT in 2000. He taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in research methods, group communication, propaganda and persuasion. He was a nationally recognized expert on American gun culture and was frequently invited to speak at events and symposia. Further, he was the author of five books and numerous scholarly articles, and enjoyed engaging students in open dialog.

We offer our sincere condolences to Brian’s family and friends and share in their grief. He will be deeply missed by our entire UT community. Please keep them in your thoughts during this time of loss.

Andrew T. Hsu
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
The University of Toledo

Are Colt Double Action Revolvers Coming Back?

I think the perennial question for revolver lovers is when or if will Colt ever resume making their double action revolvers. According to the Blue Book of Gun Values, Colt ceased regular production of double action revolvers in October 1999. The Colt Custom Shop did however have a run of Colt Python Elite and Anaconda revolvers from 2002 to 2006. The problem for Colt is that their old craftsmen who assembled and hand-fit parts on the old double action revolvers are long retired.

With the SHOT Show beginning in little more than two weeks, I've been cruising Instagram to get clues about new production introductions. I'm not an industry insider invited to special showings so I have to glean info where I can. While that can be a disadvantage, it also means that I'm not under any sort of non-disclosure agreement prohibiting me from writing about what I find.

Last night I happened across this picture of an ad that Colt reportedly will be running for the Colt Cobra revolver in .38 +P. The revolver will also have a fiber optic front sight and a steel frame.

A photo posted by Freedom GunCo (@freedomgunco) on

The original Cobra introduced in 1950 was an alloy framed revolver similar to the steel framed Detective Special. Only the King Cobra and Combat Cobra revolvers produced from the mid-1980s until the Nineties were steel framed. Looking at the ad for the new model Cobra, it appears that Colt has also changed the cylinder release button from the more traditional version. Otherwise it is very similar to the second issue Cobra.

Colt's Manufacturing is listed as an exhibitor to Industry Day at the Range so I anticipate that if they are actually releasing the Colt Cobra I will have a chance to try it out. If so, I will report on it then. It will be interesting to see whether they have changed the internals to eliminate the traditional Colt trigger stacking.

Monday, December 26, 2016

For My Friends In Illinois

One of the most important annual gun rights events held in Illinois is the Illinois Gun Owners Legislative Day or IGOLD. That is the day when gun owners from around the Prairie State converge on Springfield to meet with their legislators gun rights issues. IGOLD 2017 is set for Wednesday, April 5th.

The important thing to remember about Illinois politics is that not all Democrats are anti-gun and not all Republicans are pro-gun. The bill authorizing shall-issue concealed carry was sponsored by Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) while recently defeated US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) was relatively anti-rights. Moreover, Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) is relatively pro-gun and neither house of the General Assembly has a super-majority.

With the number of murders in the city of Chicago now topping 750 for the year, I would fully expect some stringent gun control measures to be proposed by Chicagoland politicians. This is where they usually come from. The election of Donald Trump as President has caused the gun prohibitionists like Bloomberg's Everytown, the Brady Campaign, and Americans for Responsible Solutions to turn their attention on the states. They know they can't win at the federal level but they have had some success at the state level as can be seen by the passage of gun control referenda in Washington State, Nevada, and California.

If you live in Illinois and are a gun owner, please try to clear your calendar so that you can make the trip to Springfield. Your rights may just well depend upon it.

Thousands of Second Amendment Supporters Will March on the Capitol in Springfield, IL!


Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day

Wed. April 5, 2017
Prairie Capital Convention Center
Springfield, IL

Mark this important date on your calendar.  If you need
to reserve a vacation day before the end of the year -

Because several pro-Second Amendment legislators lost in the recent statewide election, we will have an uphill battle when the General Assembly returns to Springfield for the new session in 2017.  Anti-rights legislators will be more determined than ever to disarm law-abiding citizens. 

We know disarming innocent people does not make us safer. We know gun free zones are killing zones.  It is important we lobby our legislators and Gov. Rauner.  It is important that we voice our opposition to any further restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.  It's important that we voice our support for:
  • Less restriction on where we can carry, so we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones.
  • Reducing the cost of concealed carry licenses, which is too high for many to afford.
  • Reciprocity with other states in order to  protect ourselves when we travel in those states.
Even if you have already received your carry license,
this is NOT the time to sit back and become lax! 

Those who have taken the training and gone through the licensing process are crucial to the fight and we need you to stand with us and be heard at IGOLD! 

Save the date!  Be there!

Your 2017 New Year Assignment!

Your assignment for the New Year is to contact your State Representative and State Senator and express your concerns about: restrictions in the carry law, further attempts to enact firearm/magazine bans, or attempts to make purchasing, owning, or transporting firearms more difficult for law abiding citizens.  Contact your state legislators at the State Capitol and at their home office. 

Don't know who your state legislators are? 
Find them here:

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Reading From The Gospel Of Browning

Lo, though the Gospel of Matthew spoke of a star in the East, the Gospel of Browning looks to a young prophet from the West. This young prophet called Ian wanders in the desert of the West seeking the wisdom of the earlier prophets of the Lords of the Gun.

And so it was revealed unto Ian during the time of the long nights how vain men had taken it upon themselves to desecrate the Apostle John Browning's 1911. Thus, these vain men through their vanity gave the Lord of the Underworld an opening with which to seduce the weak into throwing away the work of the Apostle John Browning.

The Lord of the Underworld, who was called by many names including Gaston Glock, used plastic and simplicity as the tools of his seduction. Just as the Israelites of an earlier age were seduced into worshiping a golden calf, so too the latter day weak who began worshiping the likes of the Glock 19, the M&P Shield, and the Springfield XD. This was an abomination before the Lords of the Gun.

The prophet Ian speaketh below and delivers a Christmas message on this abomination.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all. I hope today has been a good one for you and your family.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Coalition To Stop Vilifying Guns

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous told me about a new website yesterday. It is an amalgam of pro-self defense, pro-gun stories from the Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns or CSVG for short.

If the initials CSVG sound kinda familiar to CSGV that is because it was intended that way. Most people at one time or another have transposed letters when typing. While CSVG are the initials for the Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns, CSGV are the initials for that rapidly anti-gun group of publicity seeking ne'er-do-wells the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. (sic)

He explains:
Remember about, oh...5 years or so ago when CSGV let their domain expire by accident? A few folks had commented about trying to grab the domain. Like an idiot I actually TRIED, but they had already renewed. What they didn't do was to grab the variants of all the transposed four-letter combinations.

So I've been squatting on CSVG org and net, along with CSGV net (they own org)

After five years, I decided to actually do something with it.
This, my friends, is what we at the grassroots level can do. There is no deep pocketed former mayor funding There are no gaggle of Hollywood D-listers holding fundraisers for There are no six or seven figure grants from charitable foundations that have perverted their original donors' intentions in an effort to push progressiveness. Rather it is just an ordinary guy trying to care for his wife and kids in a small city somewhere in America who is passionate about protecting both his family and his means with which to do it.

Share this post with friends far and wide. Help promote this website as it is doing the good work of our culture. Most of all, go to that website and read the stories on it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

M134 - The Modern Gatling Gun

Ian of Forgotten Weapons really does get to play with all the cool toys. In the first video he reviews the General Election M134 minigun in 7.62x51. He gives an in-depth explanation of how they work and especially how they feed the ammunition.

Ian has produced a second, shorter, follow-on video showing the M134 minigun firing in slow motion at both 2,500 and 5,000 frames per second. It is amazing how hypnotic watching a minigun can be. That is, so long as you aren't the target of it!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Rep. Ryan Zinke's Nomination For Interior Secretary Garners Approval

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT) was selected by President-elect Donald Trump to be his Secretary of the Interior. Zinke, a former Navy SEAL, is the lone Congressman from Montana and was rumored to have been a potential candidate to take on Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in 2018. Zinke's selection has garnered approval from the NRA, the NSSF, and other organizations.

From the NRA-ILA:
Fairfax, Va.— Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action, issued the following statement on the nomination of Congressman Ryan Zinke to be the Secretary of the Interior:

“On behalf of our 5 million members, we commend President-Elect Donald Trump for nominating Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana to be our next Secretary of the Interior,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. “The sportsmen and women of this nation have long waited for an Interior Secretary who understands the need to preserve America’s outdoor heritage for generations to come. Ryan Zinke will champion those traditions with the devotion of a true outdoorsman while serving as our next Secretary of the Interior.”

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation:
NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries, today praised President-Elect Donald Trump’s selection of U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) to become Secretary of the Department of the Interior.

“In Congressman Zinke we have a true friend of American sportsmen who believes in the inestimable value of our public lands. We are confident Congressman Zinke will work to preserve and promote our hunting and related outdoor traditions. He is an American hero, a lifelong hunter and angler, and a true conservationist in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “The Secretary of the Interior is arguably the nation’s single most important position with regard to the management of federal lands, wildlife habitat and natural resources. Competing interests must be balanced with what will be in the best long-term interest of the nation. We look forward to enthusiastically supporting his nomination in Congress and then working with Secretary Zinke to help him achieve that mission.”

“We are very pleased that President-Elect Trump is listening to the voices of American sportsmen and conservationists, but no one should be surprised. That positive influence has been close at hand for many years in the form of his son, Donald Jr.,” Keane added.
From the Boone and Crockett Club:
The Boone and Crockett Club, the oldest wildlife conservation group in the U.S., founded by Theodore Roosevelt, praises President-Elect Donald Trump's announcement of U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) to become Secretary of the Department of the Interior.

"Ryan Zinke has already demonstrated the leadership required as America's top conservation steward, and the president-elect has done likewise in embracing it." said Ben B. Hollingsworth Jr., president of the B&C Club. "The congressman has seen that frustrations with federal land management are the driver of many controversies and has rejected surrendering those federal lands as a supposed solution. Ryan Zinke and Donald Trump know that ever since Theodore Roosevelt made federal lands and conservation a national priority, hunters and other sportsmen-conservationists have carried out the work on the ground that ensures America's wildlife heritage."

The Boone and Crockett Club moved its national headquarters to the Rocky Mountain west in Missoula, Montana in 1992 because the Club's leadership at the time felt this would be the epicenter of many future conservation challenges for land and wildlife.

In a statement released by Zinke, the new Interior Secretary said he would uphold Theodore Roosevelt's belief that public lands are "for the benefit and enjoyment of the people." He continued by assuring the public that he will "work tirelessly to ensure our public lands are managed and preserved in a way that benefits everyone for generations to come."

Hollingsworth said, "We are proud that Montana, where we call home and where the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch is located, is the source of so much conservation leadership at this moment in history. With the state so well represented in Congress, having a Montanan in the administration is a prime opportunity to restore working relationships in Washington to the benefit of conservation work on the ground."
From the Dallas Safari Club:
DSC congratulates Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke on his recent nomination to lead the Department of Interior. Zinke will be charged with protecting the natural resources of the U.S., which includes federal lands and overseeing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. DSC is pleased to see the position filled by an ardent proponent of continued access to public lands and a champion of conservation.

“DSC has supported Representative Zinke since his first run in Congress,” said DSC Executive Director Ben Carter. “He symbolizes the DSC mission of ensuring the future of conservation through hunting and protecting hunter’s rights. We are excited to see how he handles the critical issues facing wildlife and wild places. Our membership respects and appreciates his dedicated service to this Nation as a former Navy Seal and as a Congressman. He has proven to be a straight shooter in all aspects, and we look forward to working with the newly nominated Interior Secretary.”

Zinke is a native of Montana and has a lifelong love of hunting and fishing. During his time in Congress, Zinke has a track record of backing hunter’s rights. He announced his support for the Sportsmen’s Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Enhancement Act, which contained seven provisions to reauthorize or implement ways to fund conservation programs on federal and private lands.

In a released statement, Zinke stated, “As inscribed in the stone archway of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, Montana, I shall faithfully uphold Teddy Roosevelt’s belief that our treasured public lands are ‘for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.’ I will work tirelessly to ensure our public lands are managed and preserved in a way that benefits everyone for generations to come.”

“Zinke is a sportsman just like the members of DSC,” said Carter. “His heart lies in the same place as ours and we feel he is the perfect person to direct management of our lands and wildlife. This is a great step in ensuring the future of hunting, fishing and the outdoor life for upcoming generations.”
Finally, in what I consider the greatest endorsement of Zinke yet, is this statement from the Center for Biological Diversity. They have been consistently a thorn in the side to hunters, anglers, and shooters with their constant lawsuits against lead-based ammunition and professional wildlife conservation management efforts.
TUCSON, Ariz.— Freshman congressman Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) has reportedly been picked by Donald Trump to serve as secretary of the Interior to oversee endangered species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, hundreds of millions of acres of public land including the national parks, Bureau of Land Management lands and national wildlife refuges and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Zinke was a staunch, early and controversial supporter of Trump throughout the presidential campaign. Trump has picked his wife Lola Zinke to oversee the transition of the Veteran's Administration.

Statement of KierĂ¡n Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity:

“Ryan Zinke has a dismal 3 percent lifetime environmental voting record. His brief political career has been substantially devoted to attacking endangered species and the Endangered Species Act. He led efforts to strip federal protections for endangered wolves, lynx and sage grouse, voted to exempt massive agribusiness and water developers from Endangered Species Act limitations, and opposed efforts to crack down on the international black market ivory trade."

“Zinke consistently votes for the interests of oil and gas companies, which is not surprising since Oasis Petroleum is his largest campaign contributor and the oil and gas industry is his third-largest sector contributor. He has also voted against and attacked the establishment of protective national monuments on public lands."

“On the bright side, Zinke has spoken and voted against the outright transfer of federal public lands to states and corporations. This is in keeping with positions taken by Donald Trump and his son Donald, Jr. Unfortunately Zinke has championed the same result — greatly increased logging, mining and oil drilling, greatly reduced environmental protections, elimination of federal control, and weakening of environmental standards — by turning over public land management to industry-dominated panels appointed by state governors. In Zinke’s scheme, industry and state interests get all the environmental destruction and profit they want, with the federal government being made to pay for it through nominal retention of land title."

“Zinke’s cynically named ‘Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2015’ was one of several schemes he led to turn control of public land to industry-dominated panels. It was widely opposed by conservationists, sportsmen, businesses and even some timber companies for dispensing with environmental laws and public involvement in order to ramp up unsustainable logging levels."

"Disturbingly, in 2012 Zinke contradicted his recent stance when he signed the extremist Montana Constitutional Governance Pledge promising to 'legally and administratively oppose the multitude of bureaucracies that have sprung up to enforce the unlawful seizure of our native land and its resources including, but not limited to: the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Park Service, the various bureaus of Wildlife and Fisheries, etc., and restore the rightful powers over the land to the State and private ownership.' During confirmation hearings, the Senate needs to grill Zinke on this contradiction and ensure he truly supports keeping public lands in public hands."

Friday, December 16, 2016

Comment Moderation

I have had to add comment moderation to this blog. It is not because I've been getting abusive emails but because I am sick and tired of getting spammed.

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Some examples of this nonsense:
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So to Tracy Jane who got her ex-lover back thanks to a spell caster and to Rebecca Lewis who got pregnant and to Emily Thomas, financial mess, who got a $390,000 loan, I don't believe a word of it. Just go away!

I'm sorry that I had to go this route but 15-20 spams a day is too many.

Please don't let this prevent you from commenting. If I write something that is incorrect or with which you take exception, let me know by commenting. If you have something to add to the story, please share it. Finally, if you liked what you just read, I'm shameless enough to welcome comments that say that!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hickok45 On The Kimber K6S Revolver

I got to shoot prototypes of the Kimber 6KS revolver in January at the SHOT Show's Media Day. It is a very nice revolver and is very smooth. One thing I noticed about it is that it took only a half of a trigger pull to advance the cylinder and cock the hammer. In other words, nothing on the gun is moving during the last half of your trigger pull but your finger and the trigger.

I didn't realize that Kimber had finally released this revolver. I thought they had sent the prototypes back to do a bit more work before going into production with it. That was the impression I got from Grant Cunningham who had consulted on the design. Hickok45 noted that he obtained this test gun courtesy of Bud's Guns so I am making the assumption that this is a production gun.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

9th Circuit Reverses District Court Victory In Sylvester v. Harris

A three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the District Court in the case of Sylvester et al v. Harris. The decision released today found that the 10-day waiting period for California holders of a license to carry, holders of a California Certificate of Eligibility, or have firearms registered with the State of California was presumptively constitutional under intermediate scrutiny. This reversed the decision by Judge Anthony W. Ishii of the US District Court for the Eastern District of California who had found in 2014 that this waiting period contravened the Second Amendment.

The 9th Circuit's opinion written by Judge Mary Schroeder, a Carter appointee, has some real gems in it. Referring to the District Court's opinion she wrote:
The district court dismissed the State’s argument. The court thereby essentially discounted the dangers inherent in the proliferation of guns, including guns suitable only for use to injure others, such as Saturday night specials or large capacity guns that have been used in mass shootings.
Not only did Judge Schroeder use a term that has racist origins - Saturday night specials - but she asserts that firearms with "large capacity" are only suitable for killing or injuring others. No bias there, is there?

Judge Schroeder then continues later in her opinion to assert that firearms buyers in the 18th and 19th centuries had to wait a long period of time to receive their firearms. Thus, when examined in that context, a waiting period of (hopefully only) 10 days was no big deal.
There is, moreover, nothing new in having to wait for the delivery of a weapon. Before the age of superstores and superhighways, most folks could not expect to take possession of a firearm immediately upon deciding to purchase one. As a purely practical matter, delivery took time. Our 18th and 19th century forebears knew nothing about electronic transmissions. Delays of a week or more were not the product of governmental regulations, but such delays had to be routinely accepted as part of doing business.

It therefore cannot be said that the regulation places a substantial burden on a Second Amendment right. Intermediate scrutiny is appropriate.
As the announcer in the infomercial says, "But wait! There's More".
The district court reasoned that a cooling-off period would not have any deterrent effect on crimes committed by subsequent purchasers, because if they wanted to commit an impulsive act of violence, they already had the means to do so. This assumes that all subsequent purchasers who wish to purchase a weapon for criminal purposes already have an operable weapon suitable to do the job.

The district court’s assumption is not warranted. An individual who already owns a hunting rifle, for example, may want to purchase a larger capacity weapon that will do more damage when fired into a crowd. A 10-day cooling-off period would serve to discourage such conduct and would impose no serious burden on the core Second Amendment right of defense of the home identified in Heller. 554 U.S. at 628.
Obviously Judge Schroeder is ignorant of the damage that could be done by an ordinary shotgun like the Remington 870 when fired into a crowd. If you added something like the Paradigm Gator Shotgun Spreader choke and a shoulder bag full of #4 buck then you would have real carnage.

Chief Judge Sidney Thomas, a Clinton appointee and the architect of the en banc hearing in the Perutta case, wrote a concurring opinion agreeing with the decision but saying that waiting periods were presumptively lawful. Obama appointee Judge Jacqueline H. Nguyen joined in unanimous decision.

Brandon Combs, executive director of the Calguns Foundation, released a strongly worded statement on the decision. Combs, in addition to his position with Calguns, is one of the plaintiffs in the case.
SAN FRANCISCO (December 14, 2016) – In response to today’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision overturning the trial court in the case of Jeff Silvester, et al., v. Attorney General Kamala Harris, a federal Second Amendment civil rights lawsuit challenging the State of California’s 10-day waiting period laws, Brandon Combs, executive director of The Calguns Foundation, has released the following statement:

“Today, this panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has proven to be more interested in their own policy preferences than the Constitution and the text, history, and tradition of the Second Amendment.

In its decision, the Court bizarrely ruled that even a person legally carrying a concealed weapon as he buys another gun at retail needs to be 'cooled off' for 10 days before taking possession of another constitutionally-protected firearm.

That holding is not even rational, much less should it survive any kind of heightened constitutional scrutiny compelled by the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald opinions.

After undertaking significant discovery, depositions, and a three-day bench trial, Federal District Court Judge Anthony W. Ishii issued his Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, which held the State of California’s 10-day waiting period laws to be irrational and unconstitutional as applied to three categories of gun purchasers.

Today’s opinion is but one of a growing string of wrongly-decided Second Amendment cases and serves to underscore that, if the fundamental, individual, Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is to survive as something more than a second-class right, the Supreme Court will need to say so once more.

This fight is far from over. Our legal team is hard at work exploring all legal options to advance this case and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

Silvester v. Harris is supported by civil rights organizations The Calguns Foundation (Sacramento, CA) and Second Amendment Foundation (Bellevue, WA).
Decisions like this by the 9th Circuit illustrate just how much the lower courts have blatantly ignored the Supreme Court's decisions in both Heller and McDonald. It also illustrates the need for a originalist in the mold of Justice Scalia to fill his shoes on the Supreme Court. Perhaps when we get one, two, or three new justices on the Supreme Court appointed by a President Trump then nonsense decisions like this one out of the 9th Circuit will be slapped down in 6-3 or 7-2 decisions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shareholders Vote To Change Name Of Smith & Wesson Holding Company

Smith & Wesson Holding Company (SWHC), the parent company of such brands as Smith & Wesson, Crimson Trace, and Battenfield Technologies, reported today that shareholders approved the requested corporate name change. Effective January 2017, the new holding company name will be American Outdoors Brand Corporation. The press release below reports that shareholders "overwhelmingly" supported the name change. The winning percentage was not released but I have a request in to their investor relations department for this information.

As one of the shareholders of record that voted "No" on this name change, I still think this is a mistake on the part of the company. While their product mix has been greatly broadened through acquisitions of companies such as Crimson Trace and Battenfield Technologies, I still think the value of an instantly recognizable name - Smith & Wesson - is invaluable. The firearm division will still retain the name "Smith & Wesson" and it is only the holding company that is changing its name.

From investor relations:
Holding Corporation Will Become American Outdoor Brands Corporation

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Dec. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: SWHC), today announced that its stockholders have overwhelmingly approved a change to the holding company's name from Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation to American Outdoor Brands Corporation. The name change does not impact Smith & Wesson Corp., the name of the company's firearms division, which has legendary roots dating back to 1852 and will remain unchanged. The name change pertains only to the holding corporation that acquired Smith & Wesson in 2001 and now owns Smith & Wesson Corp., Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., and Crimson Trace Corporation, which represent the company's firearms, manufacturing services, accessories, and electro-optics divisions.

James Debney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Smith & Wesson, said, "We are excited about the results of today's stockholder vote. We believe that American Outdoor Brands Corporation is a name that truly represents our broad and growing array of brands and businesses in the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast markets. Looking ahead, and operating as American Outdoor Brands Corporation, we intend to continue building upon our portfolio, focusing on brands and products that best meet the needs and lifestyle of our target consumers."

The name change will be effective on or about January 1, 2017, at which time the company will adopt the common stock trading symbol "AOBC" for its NASDAQ stock exchange listing.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Observations On Travel

The Complementary Spouse and I recently got home from a quick trip to St. Louis. Our primary reason for this trip was to check up on my mother-in-law who is in a nursing home. When someone is 87 you know the time you have with them on this Earth is limited and you have to grab as much now as you can.

This trip to St. Louis was different than most as we flew. My brother-in-law Larry, the Delta captain, arranged for us to have "buddy passes". This worked out well as the flights we chose always had available seats. Indeed, on three out of the four flight segments we were seated in Comfort Class.

I'm not a road warrior that flies on a weekly basis but I do get in 2-3 trips by air yearly. I have some observations on travel based upon this trip. Your mileage may vary but this is what I found.

  • I always pack more clothes than I need. This trip I had two sweaters and a fleece vest because I was worried about the anticipated cold snap in St. Louis. I could have gotten by with just one sweater. Family doesn't care if you wear the same clothes day after day or not.
  • If you have a shoe fetish, you will love airport terminals. Some of the footwear chosen by women, while very stylish, seems really impractical when you have to deal with escalators and long walks to your gate. 
  • I always sleep better in my own bed with my own pillow. 
  • Gate agents are the key to getting good seats if you fly stand-by. I found the Delta gate agents very helpful.
  • The Southwest system of free checked baggage cuts down on carry-ons and lets the plane load quicker. Delta charges for checked baggage and most passengers push the limits on carry-ons.
  • The seats in Comfort Class don't seem any different than regular economy class. I understand that they are supposed to have more leg room. I can't really say as the one leg where we weren't in Comfort Class we were in the exit row. I love to sit in exit rows!
  • The International Terminal or Terminal F at Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is really nice! Our flight from Atlanta to Asheville boarded out of this terminal for some reason. Maybe they consider Asheville to be so unlike the rest of North Carolina that it is considered a foreign country.
  • The final observation - and this may be shocking - is that TSA personnel seem to have gotten a course in customer interactions. Unlike most other times, they were not surly. Both the document checker and the screeners were actually pleasant. I even got a compliment from one of the screening agents when I went through the "nudie machine" as my belt and watch were off and my pockets were completely empty. Maybe the election of Trump is already having consequences!

GRNC Needs Gun Show Coordinators

Working the Grass Roots North Carolina booth at the Asheville gun shows has been my way to help educate people face-to-face, one-on-one, about gun rights and related issues for a few years now. While we only pick up a few paying members per show, we do a good job of getting the word out on current issues. John Hammond, the coordinator for Asheville, does a great job in organizing our cadre of volunteers and I've met some great people through his efforts.

GRNC is in need of people to coordinate the volunteers at gun shows in other cities. The alert below mentions Hickory, Concord, Winston-Salem, and Lumberton. If you are a gun rights supporter in any of these areas, this is your chance to increase your outreach.


Grass Roots North Carolina is in need of Gun Show Coordinators at several locations across the state, including:
  • Concord
  • Hickory
  • Lumberton
  • Winston-Salem

Responsibilities include promoting the goals and objectives of GRNC, signing up and renewing memberships, soliciting contributions, and acting as GRNC’s ambassador to the public. Coordinators are encouraged to manage their show independently, but will receive all necessary training and additional support from GRNC’s leadership team, many of whom started out as gun show coordinators themselves.

Each coordinator will be provided a kit containing the necessary display equipment and literature, and before each show GRNC will issue alerts requesting additional volunteer support.

The position requires individuals to be self-motivated, organized and dedicated to advancing gun rights.  There can be as many as six shows per year at some locations.

This challenging position is also very rewarding, since gun show coordinators are an integral part of NC's only no-compromise gun rights organization. During the past twenty years GRNC has been responsible for following:  
  • Castle Doctrine, enabling you to better defend your family against violent predators;
  • Concealed carry in state and municipal parks;
  • Concealed carry in financial institutions;
  • Harmonizing state laws on Title II firearms, as regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934; and
  • Improvements in North Carolina’s concealed handgun permit application process.
  • GRNC was a litigant in Bateman v. Perdue, in which North Carolina's universal ban on guns outside the home during declared states of emergency was struck down as unconstitutional. We then ensured repealed of NCGS 14-288.7, ensuring that citizens can protect themselves outside their homes during declared states of emergency.
  • GRNC recently engineered passage of House Bill 937, which features:Concealed carry in restaurants;
  • Ability of handgun permit-holders to keep firearms in closed compartments in locked motor vehicles on educational properties;
  • Expanded concealed carry in state and municipal parks;
  • Concealed carry in parades and funerals; and
  • Ability to keep firearms in closed containers in locked motor vehicles in state government parking lots.
  • GRNC has killed too many anti-gun bills to count.

If you are interested in being part of GRNC's continuing success, please respond to:

Please include which gun show location you are interested in and your contact information, including phone number and email address.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Sportsman's Act Must Wait Until 2017

The National Shooting Sports Foundation's Government Relations Update contained some discouraging news. The Bipartisan Sportsman's Act has been stranded as Congress did not pass the Energy Conference Report. The bill had been made a part of the omnibus bill.

Given the funding for range development included in the bill, all I can say is damn!

From NSSF:

Congress Strands Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act in Unpassed Energy Conference Report

The 114th Congress is set to adjourn without having passed the Energy Conference Report that contained the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act. In the end, Congressional leadership didn't feel important components of energy policy were in place in the legislative package and the measure languished in the conference committee as both sides of Capitol Hill focused on the continuing resolution needed to fun the federal government through April 28, 2017.
NSSF would like to thank U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) for their stewardship of the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act in their respective chambers. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) also deserves acknowledgement for her work on crafting a bipartisan bill. We would also like to express our thanks and appreciation for the thousands of American hunters, target shooters and gun owners who stood up for their traditions and contacted their senators and representatives during the sustained effort to pass this legislation during the 114th Congress. NSSF will be communicating about legislative priorities for the new Congress in January.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy 500th, Pastor Kenn!

I first met Rev. Kenn Blanchard in 2011 at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. I had been listening to his podcast The Urban Shooter/Black Man with a Gun for a while and liked his take on things. I really got to know Kenn later that year at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot later that spring. He is one of a kind and I feel fortunate to be able to call him my friend. We in the gun culture are also extremely fortunate to have him on our side as he is a tireless advocate for gun rights.

Kenn is now about to broadcast his 500th show. Having been a co-host on The Polite Society Podcast for a couple of years now, I can tell you how rare that is. And how hard!

So congratulations to Pastor Kenn on this feat of endurance and skill. I'm glad he's out there!

‘Black Man With A Gun’ Turns 500
Changes Coming to Kenn Blanchard’s Podcast and Blog
Rev. Kenn Blanchard hits a milestone as a digital influencer with the 500th episode of his popular podcast, “Black Man With a Gun,” going live on Dec. 9, 2016 on

Averaging 2,500 downloads a week, the weekly podcast is personal, entertaining and informative – with news and stories, and personal views about what is trending in the gun world. With more than 1.5 million downloads to date, Blanchard has interviewed notable celebrities in the gun community, including the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, R. Lee Ermy, Colion Noir, Mas Ayoob, Julie Goleb, Kim Rhode, and actors such as Tim Able and Ernie Hudson. As a podcaster and speaker, Blanchard is often called to present to the new media nationally, introducing new audiences to the gun community.

Blanchard – who describes himself as an urban gun rights activist, writer, professional speaker and outdoorsman – created the “Black Man With A Gun” website in 1999 to promote his first book, also titled “Black Man With A Gun.” He believed that podcasting would be the best way, in 2007, to connect with the growing number of people he met while testifying on the behalf of concealed carry in the states of Virginia, Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, Maryland and Wisconsin.

In 2017, Blanchard plans to grow not only his podcast, which keeps trending upward, but also his blog, “Black Man With A Gun,” which recently underwent a major redesign. He is joined by a noteworthy team of contributors on the site for training tips, product reviews and commentary.

Blanchard is opening the door for sponsorship of his podcast. A gifted storyteller, Blanchard continues to use technology to put brands into the earbuds and onto the eyes of a growing population that is listening to podcasts.
The Black Man With A Gun Show can be found on iTunesStitcherSpreakerPodbeaniHeart radio, and the

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gov. Cuomo Sued Over NY Ban On Tasers And Stun Guns

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the State of New York were sued yesterday in US District Court for the Northern District of New York over the state's ban on tasers and stun guns. The Firearms Policy Coalition and the Firearms Policy Foundation sued the state in conjunction with Middleburgh, NY Mayor  Matthew Avitabile.

The suit is brought on Second Amendment grounds and follows the Supreme Court's decision on a similar Massachusetts case in which they found that a stun gun is covered by the Second Amendment.

From the Firearms Policy Coalition:

FPC, FPF, and Mayor of Middleburgh Sue Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York Over Ban on Tasers and Nonlethal Weapons in New Second Amendment Legal Challenge

ALBANY, NY and SACRAMENTO, CA (December 6, 2016) — Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF), and New York resident Matthew Avitabile have filed a federal Second Amendment civil rights lawsuit against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in an effort to strike down the state’s ban on the acquisition and possession of Tasers and other nonlethal (sometimes called “less-than-lethal”) weapons.

Individual plaintiff Matthew Avitabile is the mayor of Middleburgh, New York and would like to buy and keep a Taser for self-defense. But New York Penal Law § 265.01 states that “A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon” if “He or she possesses any….electronic dart gun” or “electronic stun gun,” making the crime punishable as a misdemeanor.

The complaint states that, “Given the [United States Supreme Court] decision in Heller, Defendants may not completely ban the keeping and bearing of arms for self-defense” or “impose regulations on the right to keep and carry arms that are inconsistent with the Second Amendment.”

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to a similar Massachusetts law, but that case was resolved before a final decision was reached.

Said lead counsel Stephen Stamboulieh about the case, “We are pleased to be working to vindicate Mr. Avitabile’s Second Amendment civil rights and hope to expand the right to keep and bear arms for all law-abiding New York residents through this lawsuit.”

“The Second Amendment absolutely protects the right of law-abiding people to buy and possess all arms in common use for self-defense, like Tasers,” stated Brandon Combs, president of the Coalition and chairman of the Foundation.

“We are more than happy to remind New York that the right to keep and bear arms prevails over paternalistic and unconstitutional statutes like theirs.”

Governor Cuomo and Superintendent of the New York State Police Lt. Col. George Beach are named as defendants in the case.

Stamboulieh is joined on the case by attorney Alan Beck of San Diego. Attorney Stephen Duvernay of Sacramento-based Benbrook Law Group and Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor who has written and taught extensively about the First and Second Amendments, are consulting on the case. Before joining the UCLA faculty 20 years ago, Volokh clerked for Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor of the U.S. Supreme Court. He also operates the popular legal blog “The Volokh Conspiracy,” now hosted at the Washington Post.

A copy of the lawsuit’s complaint can be viewed or downloaded at

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization.  FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Firearms Policy Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. FPF’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the People’s rights, privileges and immunities deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition, especially the inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Day That Will Live In Infamy Plus 75 Years

When an event that was discussed by your parents when you were a kid is now about to have its 75th anniversary, you begin to feel a little old. I was born a little more than 15 years after the Japanese Imperial Navy launched their attack on Pearl Harbor.

My mother would tell me the story, probably apocryphal, of a young Navy officer who grew up in her Staten Island neighborhood who was saved from facial burns by his Noxzema shaving creme. Likewise, she would tell me the story of how my Uncle John skipped class at Manhattan College on December 8th along with some of his fellow classmates to join the Navy.

It was a different time and a different war.

Every year I search for new propaganda posters that include the phrase "Remember Pearl Harbor". Here are a couple of the more different ones.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Action Alert From NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation released an action alert at the end of last week. The Bipartisan Sportsman's Act which is part of an energy bill that needs to be passed will come up for discussion this week. Even if you don't hunt or fish the bill includes an item that should appeal to all shooters:  a provision for shooting range development.

From NSSF:

Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act
Your Immediate Action is Needed

The most important legislation in a generation for America’s hunters and target shooters is at a crucial stage. Senators and members of the US House of Representatives have just days to complete negotiations on the Energy Policy Modernization Act conference report that includes the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act.

Call Your U.S. Representative and both US Senators and politely insist that Congress act on the Energy Conference report that contains the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act. Please CALL TODAY before Congress takes up the Continuing Resolution next week to fund the federal government past Dec. 9.

We do NOT want Congress to punt the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act into the next congress that begins in January. We have come too far to go back to “square one” and begin again.

Please call today to help protect and preserve our cherished outdoor traditions.

House Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Look up your U.S. Representative:

Monthly Contests

Aaron at the Weapon Blog has released his monthly list of contests where you can win firearms or assorted related items. The rifle that caught my eye in the list was the Ruger Precision Rifle while the pistol that caught my eye was the Coonan 1911 in your choice of .357 Magnum or .45 ACP. There are also a number of other prizes as you can see below.

  • Glock 22
    Deadline: December 8, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Ruger Armerican Pistol
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Coonan .357 or .45ACP
    Deadline: December 16, 2016
    Added to list: October 31, 2016
  • 25 Guns of Christmas
    Deadline: December 25, 2016
    Added to list: November 1, 2016
  • Ruger LC9S
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Ruger LCP
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • 5 Elite Guns
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 1, 2016
  • Shooters Arms 1911
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: April 5, 2016
  • NRA 24-Gun Collection
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: September 4, 2015
  • Rock Target FS HC
    Deadline: January 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Padded MOLLE Range Bag
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P15T
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Leaspeed6 AR-15
    Deadline: December 14, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • Ruger Precision Rifle
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • S.W.A.T Firearms AR-15
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • 22plinkster's Card Splitting Challenge IV
    Deadline: December 25, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Bug Out Bag
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Moriarti Arms AR-9
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 30, 2016
  • Springfield Armory SAINT
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 8, 2016
  • Springfield Armory SAINT
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 1, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson SD9VE
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 3, 2016
  • AX 300 Win Mag
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • Patriot Ordinance Factory Renegade
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Colt AR-15
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 5, 2016
  • Remington 200
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 23, 2016
  • Thompson/Contender Compass
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: July 19, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 7, 2015
  • Rock Target FS HC
    Deadline: January 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Savage MK II BTV
    Deadline: 5,000 Group Members
    Added to list: January 7, 2015
  • Xena-15 GEN4
    Deadline: 100,000 Subscribers
    Added to list: February 18, 2016
  • Cerakote
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: October 17, 2016
  • CVA Muzzleloader
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: January 1, 2015
  • None this month
Air Rifles
  • Nickel & Gold Colt Peacemaker
    Deadline: December 8, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • 1,250 Rounds of 12ga Rio BlueSteel
    Deadline: January 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 3, 2016
  • Grayman SATU folder
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: December 1, 2016
  • None this month
Gun Rights Organizations
  • None this month
  • Tannerite Pro Pack
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Aimpoint 3X-C Magnifier and FlipMount
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • Rugged Suppressors Surge 762
    Deadline: December 4, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Nine Line Tactical Bundle
    Deadline: December 4, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Ultimate Outdoor Giveaway
    Deadline: December 14, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • 85qt Gator Box Cooler Package
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • APOC Armory Complete AR-15 Upper
    Deadline: December 17, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • Rifle Body Armor Kit
    Deadline: December 18, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • 5.11 Tactical Christmas Bundle Giveaway
    Deadline: December 23, 2016
    Added to list: November 8, 2016
  • Polaris RGR 570 XP
    Deadline: December 28, 2016
    Added to list: October 25, 2016
  • Nickel Boron BCG
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 8, 2016
  • $500 Gift Card
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • SureFire EB1
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • $3,000 King's Camo Package
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • $5,000 Kahr Arms Gift Certificate
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 17, 2016
  • Rocky Boots For Life
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 12, 2016
  • Taurus Judge 10 Year Anniversary
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 12, 2016
  • Blastout 51T
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: September 16, 2016
  • $250 2A Shooting Supply Gift Certificate
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 25, 2016
  • Trip To Taurus Headquarters
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 23, 2016
  • Mossy Oak Rock Starz
    Deadline: January 4, 2017
    Added to list: August 30, 2016
  • NRA Ultimate Shooting Experience
    Deadline: February 28, 2017
    Added to list: September 16, 2016
  • Yamaha Side-By-Side
    Deadline: May 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • Patriot Ordinance Factory Drop-In Trigger
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 23, 2016
  • Relentless Tactical Gun Belt
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 16, 2016
  • $100 60X Gift Card
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Trailboss
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: July 13, 2016
  • ATN SHot Trax-HD
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: April 4, 2016
  • Parker Crossbow
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: February 17, 2016
  • Parker Compound Bow
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: February 11, 2015
  • Dead Air Armament #MuzzleBrakeMonday
    Deadline: Recurring Weekly
    Added to list: June 9, 2015
  • Franklin Armory 9" FST Keymod Rail
    Deadline: 10,000 Facebook Fans
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • Agency Arms / Mission Volant Shot Show Raffle
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: September 28, 2016
  • Hart's Fort Rifle
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: February 8, 2016
  • Outdoor Mentors Gun A Week
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: January 6, 2016
  • Sandcrabs Baseball Support
    Deadline: January 14, 2017
    Added to list: October 6, 2016
  • Badger Ordnance USMC M40A5 Rifle
    Deadline: January 18, 2017
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • 2016 50 Gun Fundraiser
    Deadline: Only 500 tickets sold
    Added to list: January 28, 2016!2016-50-Gun-Fundraiser/cp5g/i2l12v0s1
  • Ultimate Shooting Experience
    Deadline: February 28, 2017
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Tactical Training Adventure
    Deadline: 60,000 Contest entries
    Added to list: August 17, 2015
  • Ohio Big Buck Hunt
    Deadline: December 19, 2016
    Added to list: November 3, 2016