Friday, December 16, 2016

Comment Moderation

I have had to add comment moderation to this blog. It is not because I've been getting abusive emails but because I am sick and tired of getting spammed.

If you are a spammer, I don't care if some guru fixed your sex life nor do I care that Dr. Agaga Blessing put a spell on your husband/wife/boss/kids which helped you to get pregnant/get out of debt/fixed your marriage/lead a wonderful life/cure cancer. I also don't care if  "EDWARD JONES FINANCE" gave you a loan or a mortgage.  I just don't care

Some examples of this nonsense:
Greetings everyone I am Tracy Jane am from Elkins WV USA I am here to share my testimony of how gracious i am to God I am being blessed through this wonderful man called Dr. Agaga Blessing. My life is back!!! After 3years of Broken marriage, my husband left me with two kids . I felt like my life was about to end i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time. Thanks to a spell caster called Dr. Agaga Blessing via: (, which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet,I came across alot of testimonies about this particular spell caster. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer, MAGIC SPELLS, Magic, Charms, Mystical Talismans, Voodoo dolls, Love Spell, Money Spell, Love Charms, Books, Magick, Protection from Black Magic, Breaking Curses, Witchcraft, Rudraksh Beads, Spell Casting Love, Money, Success, Fertility and Magic Spells explore this on (deleted)
Rebecca Lewis is my name from England I have been trying for 5 years to get pregnant since i got married to my husband and needed help! i have visited different doctors but still nothing. The doctor said nothing was wrong with my husband and i and I don't know where else to turn. Until one day my friend introduce me to this great spell caster who helped her to get back her lost husband back with love spell and also made her pregnant, So I decided to contact this spell caster called Dr.NOBLE via his website after interaction with him he instructed me on what to do, after then i should have sex with the my husband or any man I love in this world, And i did so, within the next one months i went for a check up and my doctor confirmed that i am 2 weeks pregnant, i was so happy and after some months i delivered twins, it was just like a dream in my eyes, all thanks to dr.Noble !! if you also need help to get pregnant or need your ex back please contact on
God bless you sir, I will not stop telling the world about your kindness in my life, I am a single mum with kids to look after. My name is Emily Thomas, and I am from Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL . A couple of weeks ago My friend visited me and along our discussion she told me about EDWARD JONES FINANCE, that they can help me out of my financial situation, I never believed cause I have spend so much money on different loan lenders who did nothing other than running away with my money. I have been in a financial mess for the pass 7 months now,She advised I give it a try so I mailed him and explain all about my financial situation to him, he therefore took me through the loan process and gave me a loan of $390,000.00 at a very low interest rate of 2% and today I am a proud business owner and can now take good care of my kids, If you must contact any firm to get any amount of loan you need on
So to Tracy Jane who got her ex-lover back thanks to a spell caster and to Rebecca Lewis who got pregnant and to Emily Thomas, financial mess, who got a $390,000 loan, I don't believe a word of it. Just go away!

I'm sorry that I had to go this route but 15-20 spams a day is too many.

Please don't let this prevent you from commenting. If I write something that is incorrect or with which you take exception, let me know by commenting. If you have something to add to the story, please share it. Finally, if you liked what you just read, I'm shameless enough to welcome comments that say that!


  1. At the risk of being moderated, I find that WordPress has an excellent Spam catcher. And, WordPress isn't anti-gun, from what I can tell.

  2. I had to do that last year... Sucks, but not a choice.

  3. I've had comment moderation on my blog for years. I got tired of all the BS Spam.

  4. Unfortunately, comment moderation is something that's part of forum/blog interaction. Besides pure trolling, at some level there has to be some amount of success for these spammers, or else they wouldn't be doing it. If folks weren't so gullible, most of this crap would go away.

    I'm an admin/moderator on a number of forums/sites (automotive-related, mainly) and have to be pretty active in moderation. On Facebook, it starts with requiring approval for group membership, and I peruse profiles that look sketchy before I approve them (for examples, "hot teen"-looking profile pics in a forum for old cars, profiles from Arab countries with pics of professional wrestlers, profiles from Asian countries with pictures of automotive key fobs or cell phones, etc.), and this "profiling" is pretty successful. All of this is a whole lot of work, though!

    Good luck with your moderation!

  5. What is a good way if we want to recommend an article idea?

    1. Either post it here or email me directly at Jay Pee Err Nine Nine Five Four AT Gee Mail Dot Com.