Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Coalition To Stop Vilifying Guns

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous told me about a new website yesterday. It is an amalgam of pro-self defense, pro-gun stories from the Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns or CSVG for short.

If the initials CSVG sound kinda familiar to CSGV that is because it was intended that way. Most people at one time or another have transposed letters when typing. While CSVG are the initials for the Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns, CSGV are the initials for that rapidly anti-gun group of publicity seeking ne'er-do-wells the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. (sic)

He explains:
Remember about, oh...5 years or so ago when CSGV let their domain expire by accident? A few folks had commented about trying to grab the domain. Like an idiot I actually TRIED, but they had already renewed. What they didn't do was to grab the variants of all the transposed four-letter combinations.

So I've been squatting on CSVG org and net, along with CSGV net (they own org)

After five years, I decided to actually do something with it.
This, my friends, is what we at the grassroots level can do. There is no deep pocketed former mayor funding There are no gaggle of Hollywood D-listers holding fundraisers for There are no six or seven figure grants from charitable foundations that have perverted their original donors' intentions in an effort to push progressiveness. Rather it is just an ordinary guy trying to care for his wife and kids in a small city somewhere in America who is passionate about protecting both his family and his means with which to do it.

Share this post with friends far and wide. Help promote this website as it is doing the good work of our culture. Most of all, go to that website and read the stories on it.

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