Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hickok45 On The Kimber K6S Revolver

I got to shoot prototypes of the Kimber 6KS revolver in January at the SHOT Show's Media Day. It is a very nice revolver and is very smooth. One thing I noticed about it is that it took only a half of a trigger pull to advance the cylinder and cock the hammer. In other words, nothing on the gun is moving during the last half of your trigger pull but your finger and the trigger.

I didn't realize that Kimber had finally released this revolver. I thought they had sent the prototypes back to do a bit more work before going into production with it. That was the impression I got from Grant Cunningham who had consulted on the design. Hickok45 noted that he obtained this test gun courtesy of Bud's Guns so I am making the assumption that this is a production gun.

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  1. I wish he had spoken more about the trigger and the hammer cocking you mentioned. Needs a scriptwriter!