Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Story On Women Getting Carry Licenses In Detroit

This is a great story from Fox 2 News in Detroit on women in that city stepping up to get Michigan Concealed Handgun Licenses to protect themselves and their families. I love the quote near the end from one woman who said, "I'm not a vigilante but I'm going to protect myself, my family, my property."

I had a chance to meet their instructor, Rick Ector of Rick's Firearms Academy, at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. He is one of the good guys out there and I think it is great what he is doing to bring firearms training to women in Detroit.

Women Packing Heat: More Getting Concealed Pistol Licenses:

My only criticism of the story is that I wish TV reporters would find another cliche instead of "packing heat" to describe women obtaining concealed carry permits.


  1. I, also, don't like the term "packing heat," but for some reason I LOVED the gun prohibitionists' attempted rebranding of HR822 as "the Packing Heat On Your Street" bill.

  2. It was also great to meet you as well. See you in Houston?