Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I Got Shot In The Buttock"

This is what Lakita Owens must be telling her friends now. That is because this is exactly where Mrs. Owens was shot when her husband, Harrisburg (PA) Bureau of Police Officer William Owens, "was showing his gun to family and friends during a get-together at his Harrisburg home...when his city-issued firearm discharged multiple times."
>(Dauphin County District Attorney Edward) Marsico said investigators do not believe the shooting was intentional, but charges could be brought if they determine the act was reckless. He couldn't say how many shots were fired, just that there were more than one.

Investigators are also looking into what role, if any, alcohol played in the incident, Marsico said.

William Owens' family and friends were socializing when they began discussing firearms, Marsico said. That's when William Owens' brought out his gun to show the group, Marsico said.

William Owens, who is suspended without pay, declined comment on the incident, citing the ongoing investigation.

Fortunately, Mrs. Owens is recovering and in good condition. I'm not so sure about Officer Owens' career in law enforcement.

This is not an accidental discharge; it is a negligent discharge. I don't know the department issue firearm for Harrisburg but pistols don't fire without a finger on the trigger. Officer Owens violated, at the very least, Rules 2 and 3. The reports do not indicate whether Officer Owens was actually carrying the pistol or not when he brought out his gun. They do say he had been out for the last 18 months on disability.

One of the great fallacies is the "Only Ones" are gun experts. While this may be the case with trainers such as Dave Spaulding, Massad Ayoob, or the late Jim Cirillo, the average cop shoots only enough to qualify. Moreover, given budget cutbacks, this is getting even worse unless the cop buys his own ammo with which to practice.

I'm not here to bash cops but being responsible is being responsible. You and I are held to that standard and so should police officers.


  1. Legal question... how many accidental discharges in a row can you claim... excuse me... I'm chuckling...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. @God, Gals: Now if the Harrisburg Police were issued Glock 18s.....