Friday, May 31, 2013

A Video I'd Buy

It seems everyone and his brother is making a tactical pen even though TSA says you can't bring them on planes. I know I have a couple including my tactical fountain pen which actually writes fairly smoothly. What we haven't had, for the most part, is any real training on how to effectively use the tactical pen for self-defense. This may be changing with a new video featuring Michael Janich.

From the press release:
PHOENIX, AZ (May 2013) -  Tuff-Writer™ Inc., makers of the world's toughest American made pens, have partnered with renowned edged-weapons trainer Mike Janich and Stay Safe Media to produce a groundbreaking new self-defense video. "Focused Impact" is the first real practical course covering the selection, carry, deployment and application of tactical pens in a self-defense situation.

A tactical pen is nothing more than a durable, high-quality pen that provides all of the same attributes as a purpose-designed "fist load" weapon like a Kubotan or yawara stick, but in the form of an ordinary-looking pen that can be carried virtually anywhere. But what really makes a tactical pen "tactical" is the user's ability to power it with a sound set of physical skills.

In this groundbreaking video, acclaimed self-defense instructor Michael Janich gives you those skills and dispels the many myths that surround the use of pens in self-defense. His step-by-step program includes everything you need to know to actually use a pen as an effective personal-defense weapon, including: considerations for pen selection, proper grip, carry options and draws, striking methods, and pressure-point tactics. More importantly, it teaches you how to integrate the pen into a complete set of combative mechanics, making it a force multiplier that works in concert with empty-hand parries and strikes, elbows, knees, kicks, and foot traps.

Without the skills and confidence to power it, even the finest, best built pen in the world like a Tuff-Writer tactical pen is still just a pen. This video will help you realize its true potential and teach you what you need to know to make it a viable defensive tool.

The video is available through Tuff-Writer by visiting their website or wherever Stay Safe Media training videos are sold. It can also be previewed at the 2013 BLADE Show by stopping by the Tuff Writer booth.
According to the Tuff-Writer website, the DVD retails for $29.95 which seems reasonable enough.


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