Saturday, September 7, 2013

Monthly Contests

Since it takes so little to injure the feelings of the gun prohibitionists and cause hysteria, here is something else - free guns!

Aaron at Weapon-Blog has his list of contests in which you can win free guns and accessories. This month it seems tilted towards pocket guns and ARs.

In the pistol category, there are two Springfield XD-S pistols (both 9mm and .45 ACP), two Kahrs, and a Beretta Nano among other choices. In the rifle category, I count 6 AR-15s plus some very nice bolt rifles. Finally, if you want a new Mossberg shotgun, they have four listed including two Thunder Ranch 500s. Finally, there are just a ton of contests with all sorts of accessories ranging from Crimson Trace lasers to holsters to night vision devices.

If you come across any other contest or giveaway involving firearms, let Aaron know at the link on his site.

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