Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Do McDonalds And Dunkin Donuts Have To Say About Carry In Their Stores?

Howard Schultz's letter requesting that customers refrain from carrying their lawfully owned firearms in Starbucks hit a nerve last week. It not only unleashed a tsunami of criticism from gun owners but it caused a number of introspective posts from gun bloggers regarding open carry. The tactics of some open carry activists were especially subject to criticism.

 All of this controversy led to questions about Starbucks's competitors and their policies. Business Insider, a business website, reached out to both McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts to find out their policies.

In essence, they will abide by the local and state laws where their stores are located.
Here's a statement from McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb:

“We recognize that there is a lot of emotion and passion surrounding the issue of firearms and open carry weapons laws.

While we respect the differing views of all our customers, McDonald’s company-owned restaurants follow local, state and federal laws as it relates to open carry weapons in our restaurants.

For franchisee-owned restaurants, operational decisions regarding open carry weapon laws are made by the independent franchisee.

That said, as with all aspects of operating a McDonald’s restaurant, we expect our franchisees and their crew to follow local, state and federal laws.”
And Dunkin' Donuts spokeswoman Michelle King:
"Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins restaurants are owned and operated by individual franchisees who are required to follow all federal, state and local laws with regard to firearms."
While North Carolina has had open carry since 1921, I would hope that open carry activists would use some discretion. It is one thing to have a revolver or pistol on your hip; it is entirely another thing to carry an AR or shotgun on a sling. Let's face it, when the average gun owner open carries, it is a handgun unless they are out in the woods.


  1. And if you are going to carry a rifle, keep it slung over your shoulder, muzzle straight up, or straight down. Carrying at the ready causes other gun owners to consider backstops and such.

  2. For goodness' sakes, let's not repeat the Starbucks fiasco and remember that "following federal, state, and local laws" IS NOT "SUPPORT!" At best, it's NEUTRALITY.

    If the businesses and franchises intended to actively support the pro-gun cause, they'd be posting "Guns welcome!" signs, hosting rallies on their own dime, and handing out free coffee to open-carriers just for showing up armed. I haven't seen any of that, and didn't at Starbucks, either.

  3. Neutrality means that they are not our enemy. Its not an excuse to make them into one.