Friday, October 4, 2013

The Gun Prohibitionists' Worst Nightmare

The gun prohibitionists and their allies in the mainstream media like to portray gun rights activists as old, grumpy, and male. Its a stereotype that has less and less basis in reality.

Enter Matti Warren of Texas. She is cute, young (17 years old), female, shoots, and hunts. She has also lobbied the Texas Legislature on crossbows. Moreover, her career ambition is to be a lobbyist for the Second Amendment. She is a passionate advocate for the Second Amendment.

Young women like Matti are the gun prohibitionists' worst nightmare because she breaks the stereotypes that they have so carefully crafted.


  1. Good for her! And GREAT for us!!! :-)

  2. A good start.
    I met a young lady much like her in Houston last weekend. John, you were missed.

  3. Wait. Last week we lobbyists were "leaches and parasites." Now today all it takes is a smart, young lady to change your mind...!?


    Fair enough. I am old, short and bald. Still, I'll say it again: lobbyists are the people you hire to protect you from the people you elect. Well, at least some of us.

    I feel much better knowing that people like Matti are involved. Hopefully they fix the things our generation broke. Watching that video makes me think of my own 5-year old daughter.

    Thanks for the video, John. Made my day.

    1. OK, I have to call out two young ladies in Maryland who were exceptional and who made a serious dent in the Gin Control argument this last session: Victoria and Sarah. Each is under the age to drive but capable of flummoxing even ardent gun control politicians. Not because they are "girls", but because they came prepared with facts, history and common sense. I sat with the both of them and watched them pour through proposed bill text and then go research the exact details necessary to refute the distortions of the other side.

      We did not view these young ladies as novelties. The other side did, and that got them into doors we were not allowed to cross. The impact was real. They accomplished a great deal. Specifically, Victoria is largely responsible for the removal of telescoping stocks from the "two feature" test of evil features that cause a rifle to be banned. She walked door to door in the statehouse over a period of weeks - a pink telescoping stock in hand - to teach every lawmaker why their proposal was wrong. Sarah is largely responsible for removing the language that would have effectively banned high-power shooting competitions in the state. Lawmakers will be much more careful this year when they see them in the halls.

      They didn't do it alone. It takes a team. But they had a big role.