Friday, October 11, 2013

Waiting, Waiting

Sorry for no posts this morning. I'm at my internist's office for my annual physical.

Why is it that they expect you to be on time but they never are?

If she weren't a good doctor, I'd have been gone half an hour ago.


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  1. They overbook. Never been clear to me whether this is intentional to avoid downtown or sheer incompetence. People don't go to medical school so they can run an office or because they are good at it.

    1. I agree that people don't go to med school to be good at running an office. Some are, most aren't. The good thing about this doc is that she takes tons of time with you - upwards of an hour. The bad part of this doc is that she takes tons of time with her patients and you better be first in line or you've shot your morning.