Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Enough Already With The Zombie Theme!

I think most reasonable people - even ones who love all things zombie - can agree that the zombie theme has jumped the shark a long time ago. We have zombie killing ammo from Hornady, we have zombie green ARs, and now, we have Trulock Zombie Slayer Choke tubes.

From the product description:
New for 2014, the Trulock Tactical Zombie Slayer Choke is available by special order as part of the Tactical Choke Tube line. Available in zombie hunter green, the Zombie Slayer Choke is designed to give optimum performance with breaching rounds, buckshot and rifled slugs to eliminate the need to change muzzle devices when alternating ammunition from breaching rounds to buckshot or rifled slugs.

The crenulated muzzle ensures positive grip when used as a standoff tool. More than just a breaching tool, this new design goes beyond single purpose. The Trulock Tactical Zombie Slayer produces improved downrange accuracy and performance for buckshot or rifled slug applications.

Like all Trulock Chokes, the Tactical Zombie Slayer is resistant to cracking, abrasion wear, corrosion and damage from common gun cleaning chemicals. The Tactical Zombie Slayer is backed by Trulock's lifetime warranty and its 60-day satisfaction guarantee.
I'm sure this choke would work just as well if finished in flat black or a blued finish. I don't see how neon green paint improves anything more than marketing performance. I guess you could make the argument that the neon green is easier to find in your range bag than something in black but even that is stretching it.

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