Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pathetic Sad Sacks

Sometimes our opponents in the war for gun rights reveal more about themselves than they quite realize.

The Demanding Moms sent out a tweet earlier today announcing the court decision that found the City of Chicago's gun store ban as unconstitutional. I retweeted that with comment that the court's decision was as it should be. A gun prohibitionist was quick to reply.

Now you might think that someone who has the Twitter name "Ferrarimanf355" might drive something like this.

If you thought so, you'd be wrong.

Actually, Ferrarimanf355 drives a red Fiat 500....that he bought with help from his mom.

That's not only sad but it's pathetic. No wonder I make him worry.


  1. Hopefully he's not a politician. Can we say, "governed by Fiat"? *rimshot*

    [cue disgusted groaning]

  2. I don't understand how you can, on the one hand, belittle anti-gun people for using attacks on the character or morals of people when they have no other ground to stand upon, and then turn around and attack this anti-gun person for the kind of car he drives. I don't see how what he drives or how he bought it is relevant, nor do I believe that belittling him for it serves to elevate you or your point. Typically pro-gun people pride ourselves on having a fact-based opinion of the issue. This is anything but.

  3. It is very relevant. Like FerrariMan, most gun haters are hypocrites and fakes. Like the entire organization of Moms Demand Something or Other.