Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Are There Really People This Stupid?

There are times you want to just bang your head against the wall just because of the stupidity of the speaker. This is one of those times.  Don't do it. Just consider the source.

The video below features Jackie Kuhls explaining assault weapons (sic). Ms. Kuhls, at the time of this video, was the executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (sic). I know this video has made the rounds but it is instructional in the "know your enemy" sense.

I came across this video thanks to today's Failure to Fire cartoon which did an excellent job of fisking it in a mere four panels. It is one of my daily reads. Definitely take a look at today's strip.


  1. Wow. Just wow. Trench warfare? Seriously? Do they just throw a bunch of evil sounding words into a bowl and pull them out?

  2. What she has demonstrated is that Leftists can say anything, no matter how absurd, and have no fear of being challenged. The only time I had heard this many lies packed into this short of time was the last time I listened to Obama speak.

  3. i could only watch the first minute without tossing my breakfast. how stupid can you be? this is beyond stupid. I wish she would try thid presentation at a local gun club.

  4. So out of the 33 law enforcement officers (a 125-year low) killed by gunfire in 2013, including two killed by Chris Dorner and one by the Tsarnaev brothers, according to her, six would have been killed by rounds from an AR-15, an AK or something similar. I can't find those numbers.

    What I did find, from 2007, there was one officer killed with a 7.62x39 caliber weapon and possibly one with a .223. That's out of 67 deaths by gunfire, not including 4 accidental shootings. In 2006, with 51 firearms' deaths, there were no AK/SKS caliber deaths, and I can't find anything about .223s either. Maybe arithmetic is hard for her.

    I wonder if she counted Brian Terry?

  5. Yep, FTF is worth the time! And a great fisk!!!

  6. It's a good thing for her that stupid isn't painful, if it was she would need opiates!

  7. This video is not working. Government should set a system to give a license to people having no criminal records and have full details of the person buying guns.
    MA Firearms Safety Course

    1. Government should not be involved in who owns or carries guns. Government does not have a good track record in such areas. it becomes the problem rather than part of the solution.

  8. I say that we spread this video far and wide. Their stupidity helps us.

  9. Just shut up! No seriously stop talking! I'm afraid your stupidity may spread rampantly like a cancer!! First of all, my dad could rapid fire his 30.06 damn near as fast as a semi auto can be fired! Accurately I might add! I do not know where her statistics came from as she didn't site her source and I don't care!

  10. All this video does is prove what I have known for a long time: anti-gunners (like ALL leftist extremists) are pathological liars who have NO concern whatsoever about truth and facts.