Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh, Jeez!

Today's college students must be protected from everything it seems except reality. That is why university administrators are so adamant about keeping their campuses gun-free zones.

Now it seems that being gun-free is not enough.

I received an email this afternoon from the local university where I teach warning me not to be alarmed if I heard gun-shots. And what, pray tell, would be causing those gun-shots?

A military funeral with the customary 21-gun salute.

From the email:
Students, Staff, and Faculty

There will be funeral with full military honors at the Cullowhee Baptist Church today, March 22, between 3:30pm and 5:00pm. Please be aware the funeral will include a 21-gun salute using blanks. If you are on/near Campus or the Baptist Church, you will hear what sounds like gunshots. Please share the information with others that may not have access to email so they are not alarmed. Thank you,
Perhaps the bugler playing Taps after the three volleys might have been a giveaway to anyone hearing the gun-shots but I guess that would have been too logical to assume.


  1. Sigh... The LACK of knowledge is just astounding...

  2. The locals will just think, "Wonder if they got that deer with all that racket. Bet I coulda done it with one shot."
    WCU is becoming a train wreck. Makes me a little sad that I went there.

    1. The police chief and the emergency management official are husband and wife. They both used to be Indianapolis PD officers.