Saturday, June 7, 2014

Balanced Report On Open Carry In Texas....From NPR?

When the Complementary Spouse got home from work yesterday, she told she had just listened to a report on open carry in Texas that was rather balanced. The report was on NPR's All Things Considered afternoon news show.

After I listened to it, I agreed. The report by John Burnett interviewed Cory Watkins of Open Carry Tarrant County, C.J. Grisham of OCT, Stephanie Lundy of Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors, and Alice Tripp of the Texas State Rifle Association.

Alice Tripp made the point that open carry of ARs and AKs in restaurants was not helping get open carry of handguns passed in the Texas legislature. She is quoted as saying, "It's not helpful. It's not good manners. It's not thoughtful. It's not conducive to facilitating the legislative process."

The report was balanced enough to note that both Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis were in support of allowing Texans to open carry handguns. Coming from NPR, who woulda thunk it?

You can listen to the whole report at this link. I had tried to embed it but it just wouldn't work.


  1. i believe the point being made by open carry of ar and ak rifles is this....

    look, we have a bunch of people that open carry rifles and it is legal and not a problem. would you rather we carry these big high powered rifles around, or would rather we carry a more discreet 9mm pistol around? which is more disconcerting?

  2. I love NPR. They do in fact have a left bias, but most of the time they're the best game in town. They're WAY better than than most of the chest-thumping echo chamber that is "conservative" radio. I mostly agree with those clowns and they're still hard to listen to.

    If their opinions start getting a bit thick, well, just turn it off for a while. You won't find better in-depth coverage anywhere.