Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why I Love People In The Gun Culture

Despite the stereotypes propagated by the gun prohibitionists, people in the gun culture are some of the nicest, most inviting people around.

My case in point. I had mentioned in a post early (very early!) Monday morning that I was headed to Phoenix for a business training conference. On Monday afternoon I got this Facebook message from Jaci J of Team Gunblogger.
Hey, I just read your post about the Gun Rights Conference. Will you still be in Phoenix tomorrow? If so, would you like to shoot IDPA with us? We can scrounge up a gun and equipment for you. It's at 5:30 at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club.
 While I couldn't take her and Robert up on that invitation as my conference extended into the evening, I was really touched by her invitation. It goes to show that the gun culture is full of really nice people.

And next time, I'll skip the steak dinner for a chance to go shooting!


  1. Hey, if I were still in the 480/602, I'd be asking as well! :D

    Next time you're in Central MO, there's a standing invite for you.

    1. We often visit relatives in St. Louis. If I can get a day away while there, I'd be up for that.

  2. Jaci and Robert are a class act with mad skillz - and a lot of fun to be around too! I'm sure anything they might "scrounge up" would be way-better than the average gunny-stuff too