Thursday, February 12, 2015

Win Some Guns

Aaron at the has released his monthly compilation of contests. It has some interesting guns this month.

In the handgun category, a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 is on the table. I had a chance to handle it at the SHOT Show. Despite it being a PDW without the stock, it still was easy to handle. It cries out for a SIG brace to be used as a shoulder stock but ATF has said that is a no-no.

In the long gun categories, there are also some interesting guns. There is a Beretta ARX 160, an Arsenal ATI STG-44, and a whole slew of ARs including ones from both Daniel Defense and Aero Precision. There are also a couple of Mossberg shotguns on the table.


  1. At the liquor store an older gent was talking to the clerk about what to get his wife for Valentine's Dad and were having no luck. He turned to me, noted the rock on the hand and said "what do you want from your husband for Valentine's and I said "a big bouquet of .22 LR"

    1. That would be a nice Valentine's gift to get regardless of your gender!

  2. Yep, quite the collection this month!

  3. Yep, quite the collection this month!