Thursday, March 12, 2015

Knife Sharpening Tips - Infographic

55 knife experts were asked, based on their own experience, to give their best knife sharpening tips. The website summarized them in the infographic below. You can read all the tips here.

Knife sharpening for beginners
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  1. whats your opinion on the belt style knife sharpeners like this one.

    1. I have been seriously thinking of getting the Work Sharp Ken Onion version of that. I have a Harbor Freight $39.95 belt sander that I have always intended to set up as a sharpener. I just never have gotten around to it.

      Years ago I worked for a now-defunct knife company while I went back to grad school. I got to meet a few knife designers and makers and go to their shops. I remember hanging out in Randall King's workshop a few times and he used a belt sander with a leather belt and compound to put the final edge on a knife. It's quick and does a good job. However, you can also ruin a knife in a heartbeat if you aren't careful.

  2. So great infographic about knife sharpening. But do I need a tool like sander or grinder to do this job?