Saturday, April 11, 2015

NRA Annual Meeting - First Impressions

I spent Friday at the NRA's Annual Firearms Law Seminar which was well attended. Rather than reinvent the wheel, check out Sebastian's live blogging of that event. He did a great job. You can find it here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I'll have more about the seminar later.

I also had dinner with Marcus Luttrell yesterday. It was sponsored by Lucky Gunner to celebrate the launch of his Team Never Quit ammo line made by Snake River.

I did miss all the political speeches. As I understand it, all the potential Republican candidates were there except Rand Paul and Chris Christie. Paul is saying that he wasn't invited due to his NAGR connections. I will say that while I like much I learn about Rand Paul, the NAGR connection does cause me to question his judgment.

Today I plan to cruise the floor and maybe take in one or two of the seminars. More later.


  1. I don't know what's wrong with the NAGR either. Too hardline maybe?

    1. @Bill, and Thane, too:
      Miguel aptly nutshells the reported problem with NAGR, or more specifically, with Dudley Brown.

      Keep in mind, they do the same "all for" or "all against" dance with candidates, too. If Rand Paul even slightly wavers from Dudley's "hardline", Dudders will commit all of NAGR's not inconsiderable resources into punishing him, even if it means possibly throwing the election to Hillary.

      Yes, they are that into "no compromise".

  2. It was a pleasure finally meeting you, if ever so briefly. Let's do it again soon.

    As to Dudley and his dudders, we saw that in Michigan some years ago when trying to pass Shall Issue there. We did, but it was over the opposition of GOA and Larry Pratt, who spammed MI with tons of misinformation about the legislation, which he opposed simply because he was demanding--from his home in Virginia--that Michigan citizens accept "Vermont-style" no permit needed legislation or nothing at all. I confronted Pratt on some of the claims he was making on the bill, and his response was telling: "Who cares, so long as it gets people to reject it!" So Pratt was willing to lie to people to get our bill scuttled (he failed, obviously) but everything he ever sent out to oppose it contained, as is usual for Pratt, Inc., fundraising pleas. "No compromise: almost cost us everything, but that plays into some people's agenda, because satisfied gun owners don't donate nearly as much money as angry ones do.