Thursday, April 9, 2015

Off To The NRA Annual Meeting

I leave in a few minutes for the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. I love the fact that the 2015, 2016, and 2017 meetings are all within relatively easy driving distance.

I will do my best to get some posts out over the long weekend. I will have some interesting stuff to talk about including shooting the new Glock 43, the Annual Firearms Law Seminar, having dinner with Marcus Luttrell, beer with Michael Bane, and acres and acres of guns.

New firearms introductions are starting to be announced.

Last week Ruger introduced a six-shot, 4.2"     SP-101 revolver in .327 Federal Magnum. The .327 Mag is a good cartridge looking for a home. I hope this helps it.

This week Remington introduced an alloy-framed small .380 ACP called the RM 380. It is supposed to be the first pistol made in Huntsville. I'm not sure what niche it is supposed to fill that hasn't already been filled. That said, Remington has this one chance to get it right after the R-51 debacle of last year.

Also, this week, Heckler Koch just announced a subcompact version of the P30. It is the P30SK which has a capacity of 11+1 in 9mm.
The P30SK ("SubKompact") has all of the sought-after characteristics of the larger frame P30 and P30L pistols but in a more concealable design.

The completely adjustable P30 grip feature -consisting of interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels -is replicated in the shortened grip frame of the P30SK. Changeable backstraps and grip panels allow the pistol to be easily modified to fit any individual user. Like its larger frame P30 counterparts, the P30SK is available in multiple trigger firing modes including HK's enhanced double action only "Law Enforcement Modification (LEM)."For the P30SK, the LEM trigger is configured with a "light strike V1"setup -requiring approximately 5.4 pounds-force to pull the trigger.
Finally, I have an iPod full of podcasts including, of course, the Polite Society Podcast to keep me going for the 5-hour drive. Nothing like a long drive to catch up on your podcast listening!


  1. Have fun, John. I'll be there on Sunday.

  2. Did you mean "10+1" on the P30sk? The webpage show 10-rd mags, and it appears to be P2000sk sized.

    1. Could be. I think I took it from an email they sent out. I don't have it with me right now to check it out.

  3. Jealous, but looking forward to hearing about what you see and learn. Safe travels!

  4. Hey I was also present in this meeting. It was such a fantastic event. The venue you selected was also very nice. I really liked their meeting rooms. They are quite spacious and perfect for my business meetings. Thanks for introducing this venue to me!