Sunday, May 31, 2015

GRNC To Counter-Protest The Demanding Moms On Tuesday

The Demanding Moms plan a protest on June 2nd at the North Carolina General Assembly Building against HB 562. They will be wearing orange shirts* because that is the color required of hunters for safety. It is unknown if they will be chanting "Hands Up, Don't Shot" but nothing they do would surprise me.

Bloomberg and his orange-clad minions are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat HB 562. They are running a media campaign plus running full-page ads in the News and Observer. They may be running ads in other papers for all I know. This is in addition to all the free media they are getting from the editorial pages of various NC newspapers.

Grass Roots North Carolina is organizing a counter-protest on Tuesday morning. They are asking people to wear either GRNC logo shirts or green shirts. Details are below.

A legislative history of the pistol purchase permits that would be eliminated can be found here.

Bloomberg's Anti-gun Agitators Plan Protest...

The handful of "Moms Demand Action for Gunsense" activists hired by Bloomberg in North Carolina to attack our gun rights plan to protest pro-freedom House Bill 562 this coming Tuesday, June 2nd, in the Capitol building. If you show up for anything, you need to attend our counter protest on Tuesday!
As you know, HB562 is an omnibus pro-gun rights bill that, among other things, will finally rid our state of one of the last vestiges of an unpleasant Jim Crow past: the antiquated pistol permit system.
It isn't surprising that repressive politicians like Bloomberg want to maintain discriminatory and anti-freedom laws. But Bloomberg is particularly dangerous given billions at his disposal to wield as a weapon intending to deprive every American of Second Amendment rights.

Bloomberg is currently spending hundreds of thousands on TV ads to kill HB562, falsely claiming it “abolishes” background checks.

GRNC Responds

In response, GRNC initiated its “Michael Bloomberg doesn’t speak for me” radio ad campaign featuring real North Carolina mothers who oppose Bloomberg and support HB 562. We kicked off the campaign with a press conference heavily covered by national media which can be seen on GRNC’s home page at, at which North Carolina women stood before the world to declare: “I’m a North Carolina Mom, and Michael Bloomberg doesn’t speak for me!”

News & Observer Colludes

No friend to NC gun owners, the Raleigh News & Observer has run a series of misleading Op Eds along with a full page Bloomberg-funded, deceit-laden advertisement against HB562. As an example of the type of deception engaged in, Bloomberg's ad implies that HB562 will allow violent criminals to legally obtain and possess firearms:

“Under House Bill 562, felons and domestic abusers would be able to avoid a criminal background check by buying handguns from unlicensed sellers -including strangers they meet online.”

GRNC Plans Counter Protest: BE THERE!

We say, if Bloomberg wants a party at the General Assembly, let’s give him a party! Accordingly, we need YOU to show up at the North Carolina General Assembly Legislative Building, 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601 at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. We will have a table set up in the 1300 courtyard, on the left as you enter the building. If you cannot make it by 8:30 AM anytime before 10 AM will be helpful!

To demonstrate grassroots solidarity, we suggest wearing GRNC apparel (polos, T-shirts, hats) or green (preferably bright green) clothing. We will have coordinated stickers for clothing and signs to carry.
If you wish to wear GRNC apparel, but don't yet have any, please email GRNC Director of Development, Josette Chimel and she will bring the items you want to the General Assembly. Please email Josette today at
Bring as many of your friends and family as you can. Don't forget to email GRNC Director of Development, Josette Chimel with an estimate of the number who will be attending at


  • ATTEND ‘MICHAEL BLOOMBERG DOESN’T SPEAK FOR ME’ EVENT AT LEGISLATURE: If you can attend, please send an email to and let us know how many people you can bring. Details:
WHEN: Tuesday, June 2, 2015; 8:30 AM
WHERE: Legislative Building
1300 Courtyard
16 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Legislative Complex Map:
Due to morning traffic and parking considerations, please allow for plenty of extra travel time. Please be at the Legislative Building Courtyard by 8:30 AM.
Wear bright green clothing if possible.

  • CALL & EMAIL THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Contact N&O President/Publisher Orage Quarles III by emailing him this weekend at: AND calling him Monday morning as close as possible to 9:00 AM at (919) 829-4659. Let him know you don’t appreciate the N&O acting as a shill for New York carpetbagger Michael Bloomberg, and that you will promptly cancel your subscription and boycott N&O advertisers. Use the copy/paste email below, under 'Deliver This Message to the N&O.'
  • CONTRIBUTE TO GRNC: Unlike Bloomberg, we don’t have millions of dollars for this campaign. WE RELY ON YOU. If you have contributed, we thank you (and unfortunately have to ask for more). If you have not, please go to:


Suggested Subject: "Stop Partnering with Bloomberg on H562 Falsehoods"  

Dear Mr. Quarles:

I am very disappointed to see “The News & Observer” partnering with New York billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, to spread the falsehood that H562 will eliminate criminal background checks for handgun purchases in North Carolina. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

H562 eliminates the Jim Crow-era Pistol Purchase Permit (PPP) system that was put in place to keep minorities from obtaining firearms for self-protection, and it can still be used by sheriffs to arbitrarily restrict law-abiding citizens from exercising their civil rights. H562 would replace this archaic and shameful system with the National Instant Criminal-Background Check System (NICS).

NICS is a modern, computerized system already used by thirty-five other states and territories, and even in North Carolina for long gun purchases. The NICS checks a purchaser’s background at the point of sale, which is greatly superior to the PPP system, where a sheriff issues a paper permit which can be valid for up to five years, leaving plenty of time for the permit-holder to commit disqualifying crimes, and still use the valid permit to buy a handgun.

The idea that H562 eliminates background checks is absurd, and two or three minutes with any popular search engine makes that clear. “The News & Observer” is in the research and information business. If you can get something this easy to research so terribly wrong, it couldn’t possibly be a mistake. Feigned ignorance and blatant untruths have no place at a news organization.

Because “The News & Observer” has decided to shill for Michael Bloomberg, I intend to boycott your newspaper, and its advertisers. In fact, I have already contacted one of your advertisers to let them know of my intentions, due to their affiliation with your newspaper and its willingness to aid Mr. Bloomberg and his front groups.

I will continue to track this issue through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.


Lies Told by Moms Demanding Action

Click here to learn the full details of the deceptions spread by the so-called Moms Demanding Action (or rather Moms Demanding Gun Bans).

* There is a great line in the movie Legally Blonde that applies here. As this movie was one of my younger step-daughter's favorite movies, I learned some quotes from the movie along the way.

"Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed" - Elle Woods


  1. Bloomy, the nasty little billionaire 1 percenter troll and his "every-outta-towner" croud is slapping his money down all over, and the local leftist rags are only too happy to lap it up like the running yellow dogs (no offence to labs) that they are.. he is spending oodles to try to stop constitutional carry here in maine, too... wish he would keep his nose outta here.. hasnt he done enough damage in NY?

  2. Its not Hunters Orange. It's Department Of Corrections Orange. Isn't that like having "Easy pickings defense-less victims" showing their solidarity for and identifying themselves with Convicted Criminals that wear Orange behind bars daily?