Thursday, May 28, 2015

Remington Model 8 - Cool Video

A Remington Model 8 or 81 has been on my collecting wish list for a long time now. It is a John Moses Browning design semi-auto rifle that has long been used for hunting. The game on which the Remington 8 has been used includes both deer and criminals. Famed lawman Frank Hamer used one .35 Remington in his ambush of Bonnie and Clyde.

Ian McCullom of Forgotten Weapons blog has just put out a short video on the Remington 8 showing how its long recoil action works. It is in slow motion. His Remington 8 is in .300 Savage which I think is an ideal caliber.


  1. One of the really nice things about the long recoil action of the Remington Model 8 and it's FN clone (I've shot both) is that they drop the brass right at your feet and they don't ding it up. That's especially important in a caliber like .300 Savage where reloading is the only option for inexpensive ammo.

  2. Evil Assault Weapon Alert!
    Though it uses a fixed, 5-round magazine, it is semi-automatic and has a barrel shroud! That alone could make it illegal in some jurisdictions, but there is almost certainly some adapter kit that allows for the use of a removable "high-capacity" mag... "Assault Clip!" On top of that, it's clearly intended as an offensive weapon since it uses an aggressive name (insensitive to Native Americans) of 300 Savage! Oh my!

  3. amazing video of a person shooting with rifle. he is amazing shooter

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